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I believe I have a good pulse on the community. I want to help with the communication between the team/council and the holders. I think this can be done through tweets and consistent activity in groupchats/discord. I can improve on what has been done in the past with this position through infographics/ charts. These updates will be much more interesting, digestible, and fun with custom graphics and possibly animations.
Qualifications & Experience
I have helped with most of the large Inkubator and Doodlebank proposals. I have spent two months working with some of the team as Artist in Residence. I have also worked almost 10 years as a designer/animator in the training industry. I believe this experience has given me the skills needed to communicate thoroughly to the team/council and community members in a concise manner.
Community Involvement
As stated above, I have built strong relationships with many of the active community members through multiple Inkubator/ Doodlebank proposals and as Artist in Residence. I think I could argue that I have worked on more projects for this community than any other holder.
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Campaign Sesh
Campaign Sesh #1: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET