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Doodles is my community in Web3, and I take ownership every day as a holder to contribute to its successful, sustainable growth. I created the Notable Doods Group Chat which has grown to be a home for many community members. I show up daily, create content for the community, host twitter spaces... And I want to make even more impact. So I am applying for the Doodles Watch to represent the community, help shape the inkubator into the powerful community-driven tool it is meant to be, and create sustainable value for Doodles holders.
Qualifications & Experience
I have 5+ years experience in Project Management & Marketing in corporate, start-ups and entrepreneurial environments, from LVMH to Web3 infrastructure. I know how to make efficient, digestible reporting, communicate ideas clearly and lead projects.
Community Involvement
- 2+ years active Doodles holder - Founder of the Notable Doods Group Chat - IRL meetups at Web3 conferences - Podcast host at Fuel for Thought, interviewing guests from the Doodles team and beyond And much more. If you don't know me, DM me on Twitter and let's talk!
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Campaign Sesh
Campaign Sesh #1: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET