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What was once a role as a trusted voice as a repeater to the happenings in the inkubator, I think needs to transform with the new structure. A1) you’re a trusted CI for the OG holders to the happenings inside the counsel happenings. 1) The watch should not only be hip to the happenings, but act as a liaison to anyone looking to submit a proposal. Working with holders to ensure they’ll have a greater chance of a successful proposal by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before submission. 1B) I think I can lend business acumen with a fun spin to keep the community engaged, entertained and excited to build together.
Qualifications & Experience
Physically writing stuff down is studied to be remembered better than typed notes or chatGPT summaries. Look it up. That being said I’ve got a remarkable2 and hellllla tips. I get paid to take notes and ask all the questions so I can clearly articulate how things work to the decision makers. That being said I will make sure I can answer questions from all different angles with confidence and when I don’t know? I’ll let you know that I don’t but best bet I’m gone find out and let you know.
Community Involvement
When time permits I enjoy shinny with the boys on Saturday discussing rare poop coffee beans. I’m always happy to support the community as I see the longer play at hand. I love getting to know so many different people with different talents from different parts of the world while we can all agree the IP is undeniable. I’ve participated in some CAMP events but was more stoked on the connections that I’ve made in the last year. Web3 presents everyone with a networking opportunity never seen before and we’re all apart of the emergence of a new type of relationship with a world class brand and that’s hella neat. After reading the other submissions, I’ll take last place with pride; and wound be happy to support anyone in their efforts as a watch member to spread the doodle’s vibe.
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Gotta read and score 3 proposals for morning overlord meetings. I’ll do my best to lurk in at the end. You never know if Burry or Mr. Lynda will show up.
Campaign Sesh
Campaign Sesh: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET