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doodles2715, 9276
I am running for Doodles Watch because I live and breath Doodles! I believe in the brand and their vision and I want to dedicate myself to spreading the joy of burnt toast art and being a member of this great community.
Qualifications & Experience
I am qualified for this position because I know doodles in and out - the past, the present and the future. I've read the brand bible several times, try to be on the discord daily. As a teacher of literature I know what effect the use of language can have on people and I think this might come in handy when it comes to drafting tweets about the doodles. Overall, when it comes to Doodles, I just want to contribute and give it my all because I love you guys!
Community Involvement
I try to be a supportive member of this community. My sole focus lies on Doodles within web3 though I have been round long enough to see projects come and go! I was there when Pixlmon revealed Kevin, I fought in the Yugalabs gaswars, I saw the Azuki Fud! I'm present daily and I feel I have antennas for what moves the space! I have met great friends within the doodles community with whom I'm in contact on a daily basis. We support each other and try to elevate the project together!
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Additional Information
There is only one thing left to say: Let Doodles cook!
Campaign Sesh
Campaign Sesh #1: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET