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Doodles holds a special place with me and my family when it comes to Web3. It's the one brand my kids get excited about. It's why they ask to go back to Camp. It's the reason I go broke with every merch drop. More than any other Web3 collection, it's the brand that creates the greatest emotional connection for me and my family. That alone is reason for me to want Doodles to succeed, but more than that, I also think the team and community has all the right pieces to accelerate over the coming years. If I can play a small role in helping that come to fruition, I'll consider that a win.
Qualifications & Experience
I have been on and led many teams over my career. Throughout that experience, communication has always been central to the success (or lack thereof) of those teams. I I see being the bridge between the Community Council and the community as a key role in the success of the Council.
Community Involvement
I've been in Web3 since late 2020/early 2023. I've created communities for my own companies. I've also been a member of a number of communities, from Yuga and Doodles to Quirkies and Plague. I've sat on the sidelines for most of that time with these other communities while I was building my own. With more capacity now, I am looking forward to engaging more in Web3 and the communities built around it.
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Additional Information
I look forward to engaging more with the Doodles Community Council and the Doodles Community.
Campaign Sesh
Campaign Sesh #1: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET