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Ever since I bought into doodles 3 days after mint I knew the project was different and something I wanted to be apart of for the long run. Since then we have seen doodles evolve and break barriers in several different ways. From space doodles to in person activations such as doodle putt the team is always attempting to push the overall space and view of what it means to be a leading project forward. To have an opportunity to play a small hand in assisting the team in anyway is something I would be extremely honored to do. Beyond that I have met some truly incredible people and some of my now closest friends. Being able to be in a position such as the watch and help community members utilize the inkubator is something that gets me extremely excited. This community and the people within it are truly some of the best in web3 so being able to serve them and decimate and break down information from the inkubator and doodles information at large is something that gets me extremely excited. Additionally, I think the watch is a position that rightfully holds a lot of attention and somewhat of a stage provided by the inkubator and the team. I would love to see this role pushed to its limits and to discover what the watch position can mean beyond its description on paper. This might mean something like organizing community swap nights, game nights in discord, or perhaps something even more large scale. All of these I think are entirely possible within the watch position and something I would absolutely be looking to do and take advantage of.
Qualifications & Experience
During my time in web3 I have done my absolute best to not only participate in communities but also soak as much information and break that down to broader audiences in different ways. While on a recent hiatus due to graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Cybersecurity and a minor in computer science I had previously run a 75 week long Twitter Space called Floor Friday. On this space we discussed a variety of topics within web3 ranging from news regarding projects, current news in the space, as well as dissecting the space overall and the betterment of it. During this 75 week stint of hosting space not only did I learn how to manage a room and create a friendly environment people feel comfortable participating in I've also learned what it takes to effective communicate complicated issues or topics which can commonly arise in web3 into understandable and digestible conversations for those with any level of web3 or technical experience.
Community Involvement
Throughout my time in doodles I have done my best to not only be a friendly face to my fellow holders but also be a community member the team and my peers can be proud of. Whether this was making doodles memes daily for a while when I felt we needed more timeline presence to creating dood morning along side 8270 which is a week space where we take time to talk about life and hobbies with other doodle holders and members of the space to get to know individuals beyond their pfp. Beyond spaces another thing I have always tried to do is be a friendly and approachable face for old and new community members alike. Sometimes web3 can be a little intimidating so just being friendly and making it known that people can come to you with questions regarding the space or even just to chat about life is something I always try to do.
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let's ride and keep pushing all-time vibes😎
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Campaign Sesh #1: Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM ET