Doodles Watch

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Previous Watch: Roops, Chef Tony, Tree

Doodles Watch

The Doodles Watch is a position elected by the Doodles community. The individual selected to be Doodles Watch will observe the Doodles Community Council to ensure accountability and alignment with Doodles’ stated mission and goals. This position is integral to ensuring that the Doodles community's voice is central in Doodles Community Council deliberations, fostering a culture of transparent and inclusive decision-making.

The Doodles Watch position is open to one OG Holder and will receive a monthly fee for a 3-month term, subject to the terms and conditions of their agreement.


  • Attend Doodles Community Council meetings, taking detailed notes to share with the Doodles community.
  • Engage in meaningful discourse during meetings, contributing insights and observations without participating in formal votes.
  • Regularly communicate the Doodles Community Council's progress and decisions to the broader Doodles community through weekly Doodles Watch updates, ensuring transparency and openness.

As an observer, the Doodles Watch member plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the Doodles Community Council's operations and decisions. A successful Doodles Watch member who applies for a Doodles Community Council position in the future will receive special consideration.