Welcome to the Inkubator - the launchpad for innovation and collaboration within the Doodles community!

The Inkubator’s mission is to enable Doodles’ OG Holders to connect and collaborate on endeavors that enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand and the

is excited to solicit, fund and support opportunities to accomplish this mission.

You’ll see that we refer to Doodles’ “OG Holders”. This term means then-current owners of Doodles’ “Original Collection” digital collectibles (i.e., the 10,000 NFT collection depicting Doodles’ characters which was originally minted in October, 2021).

What is the Inkubator?

The Inkubator provides support for Doodles’ OG Holders to take their creative and entrepreneurial ideas from dreams to realities. Whether it's a community event or a commercial experiment, the Inkubator is here to fuel your ventures.

It's not just about funding; it's about building, growing, and amplifying the Doodles community and brand together.

Dive in and explore the exciting opportunities available for you!

🏦 Community Grants

At the heart of the Inkubator are Community Grants, designed and streamlined to ignite the innovative spirit within the Doodles community. These one-time grants are funds provided to Doodles’ OG Holders specifically to bring to life unique events for Doodles’ OG Holders and execute projects that will further expand the Doodles brand.

These grants will not only enrich the community, but they will also spur creativity from Doodles’ OG Holders. We've categorized community grants into popular types for ease and efficiency, but we encourage the unexpected.

For any idea that doesn't fit neatly into existing categories, we invite you to discuss with the Council to find its place. The aim is to empower all creative, community-enriching ideas, no matter how unconventional they might be!

Inkubator Community Grants & Resources

Event Guidelines
Community Event Grant
Community Event Grant
Commercial Experiment Grant
Commercial Experiment Grant
Inkubator Brand Bible: Community Guidelines
Inkubator Brand Bible: Community Guidelines
File Upload
File Upload

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🐣 Inkubate Your Business

Inkubation represents the leap from individual initiatives to larger, more ambitious entrepreneurship within the Doodles ecosystem. While Community Grants ignite one-time creative pursuits, Inkubation gears toward fostering repeatable, Doodles-related commercial success.

Inkubation represents access to a platform, and extending recipient benefits to more than just financial support.

Beneficiaries access a wide range of resources, including a kickoff framework, talent network, mentorship, and formal Doodles licensing structure.

This ecosystem keeps track of progress through ongoing reporting, establishing a cycle of success where projects fuel both their growth and the prosperity of the Inkubator and the larger Doodles ecosystem.

Inkubation Resources

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🛠️ Build the Ecosystem

Join us in crafting the future of the Doodles community!

Whether it's applying for a contract through our Requests for Proposals (RFP), or tackling tasks in our Community Bounties, your unique contributions make a real impact and help enrich the Doodles ecosystem.

Engage, innovate, and earn rewards while helping to enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand!

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Fuel your creative drive and contribute directly to the Inkubator ecosystem. Our RFPs solicit proposals from all Doodles’ OG Holders.

They invite you to apply your skills and compete for exciting contracts that enrich the Doodles community.

Step forward and help us build this vibrant platform together.

Community Bounties

Here's your chance to take on tasks that enrich the Doodles community while being rewarded in the process.

Community Bounties are a fun and rewarding way for you to contribute, using your skills to solve tasks, foster innovation, and make your mark.

Everyone's invited, and everyone's valued.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Inkubator?

The Inkubator is a launchpad that empowers Doodles’ OG Holders to connect and collaborate on projects that enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand.

What are the grants offered by the Inkubator?

The Inkubator offers grants for OG Holders to execute (i.e., perform personal services for or oversee the engagement of others) community events, merchandising collaborations, community giveaways, IP commercialization experiments, and custom proposals.

Do I have to pay back a grant?

Funds remitted from the Inkubator are refundable in the event there are leftover funds (i.e., the entire grant was not used) or in the event a recipient of an Inkubator grant breaches the terms of the Inkubator Grant Agreement or any other required agreements.

How much can I ask for funding?

To streamline the process of applying for funds, Community Grants often include funding ranges based on the size of the project and, in the case of events, the number of Doodles’ OG Holders invited to attend. In some cases, the proposal lead can make a specific ask for a grant amount intended to support the project. For example, IP experiments can be varied in size and scope, which their budgets would reflect.

What is an RFP (Request for Proposals)?

An RFP is a solicitation for proposals for a particular project for which the Doodles Community Council has pre-approved a grant amount. Doodles’ OG Holders can submit a proposal to “win” the contract.

What are Community Bounties?

Community Bounties are challenges or tasks set by the Inkubator that Doodles’ OG Holders can undertake to earn rewards.

What is Inkubation?

Inkubation involves funding Doodle-related commercialization and entrepreneurship. It requires a successful commercial experiment project and involves repeatable value creation with milestone-based funding.

Who can apply for a grant, submit a proposal for an RFP, or attempt to receive a bounty?

Doodles’ OG Holders can apply for a grant, submit a proposal responsive to an RFP, or take on a Community Bounty. Individuals who are not Doodles’ OG Holders are welcome to participate in Inkubator-funded projects, but the proposal lead must be an OG Holder.

Can my proposal be something not covered in the grant categories?

Absolutely! We welcome all kinds of ideas that can benefit the Doodles community. You can submit these as custom proposals.

Is there a timeline for grant applications or RFPs?

Yes, there is typically a timeline associated with each grant application or RFP. Specific details will be provided in each case.

What happens after I submit my proposal?

After submission, your proposal will initially be reviewed by the Doodles Community Council. You'll be informed about the status of your proposal and any next steps after the review process. The Discord channel for #proposals will include your submitted proposal, and a thread will be opened to enable community members to provide ideas and feedback for the Doodles Community Council to consider.

💛 Powered by the Doodles Community

The Inkubator is organized and operated by a group of individuals hired by the Doodles team and known as the

. Supported by the Council Watch, the Doodles Community Council works tirelessly to power the Inkubator, process proposals, and deploy support to funded projects to help them succeed.

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