February 21, 2024


  • Council Member Updates🏘️
  • Proposal/RFP Updates 🆕
  • Discuss/Vote on Proposals 🗳️
  • Other Business ❓

Council Member Updates🏘


Reviewed the International Doods space and how those could be expanded and provide an opportunity for international holders to feel heard and seen. Additionally, making sure these holders have just as much of a right to the Inkubator is extremely important.


Day-to-day continues to run smoothly and a big goal is to ensure the council is in step together. Review of the doodles sesh and how that can be improved. A huge thanks to the council for the entire council to be in Ink Tank and participating and being involved in the conversation. One thing that is really important is showing the community we have a desire to be involved. 1-on-1 conversations with holders have continued.


Two UX RFPs are being released, one is for design and one is to be built. More details on this can be found below.


Youngsun was on a flight to Paris to assist Tree for the Doodles community event.

Proposal/RFP Updates 🆕

8270 got the chance to catch up with ChefTonyP about Chef Tony’s Treats and got an update regarding the status of his commercial experiment.

Discuss/Vote on Proposals 🗳️

The council has begun the voting process for backlogged proposals, and you can expect an update shortly regarding those. The backlog will be cleared in the next few days.

The community council has finalized and voted on 2 RFPs and will be submitting those to the team shortly. The council is also hoping to share news regarding a potential developer event once all the details are finalized.

Other business

No other official business for this week.