February 28, 2024


  • Council Member Updates 🏘️
  • Discuss/Vote on Proposals πŸ—³οΈ
  • Other Business ❓

Council Member Updates 🏘️


This week 8270 took care of housekeeping as far as meeting with holders who had Inkubator proposals still outstanding and letting them know where the council stands regarding their proposal status. Additionally, he also held a space Wednesday night to discuss the recent airdrop/claim meta that has risen up and get holders feedback on it.

Events πŸ₯³

Youngsun is back home in Korea, ready to lock in and get to it after traveling to Paris to assist Tree with the community event. Over the next week, he will spend time reviewing the Paris event, how that could be improved, and what we should attempt to continue. The turnout, vibes, and reception were great. However, that is not to say there are ways it can be improved. Ways it can be improved is by having a local holder on the ground to help coordinate the event. Youngsun was able to get into contact with POAP and have POAPs be given away during the event which was something cool people seemed to enjoy. Going forward, we need much more coordination and planning to ensure these events can be as successful as possible. One of the biggest things we can do to help people is give them as much heads-up time as possible because Paris while holders did a great job throwing it together several issues could have been avoided by simply allowing more time to plan out details. Moving forward creating a structure is a huge goal of Youngsun's which will help reduce friction for holders creating these events and make it so that council members don’t have to spend as much time on specific proposals and can spread their resources and time more evenly.

Experiments πŸ§ͺ

After receiving feedback from the product boys both RFPs created by atown got the stamp of approval from the team and they are ready to launch whenever the council feels ready to drop these proposals. As far as the strategy for the release of these RFPs atown believes the best way forward is to release these RFPs as soon as the Inkubator opens up to show the community we are aggressively going after these goals.

Watch πŸ‘€

Had a meeting this week with Tree to discuss RBH in its current state and how it can be expanded and improved upon. Additionally, pawky attended the space held by 8270 to help get a better understanding of the community sentiment on this topic.

Discuss/Vote on Proposals πŸ—³οΈ

This week INK-35, 77, and 78 were examined in more detail this week by the council. It was determined the council is going to approach the individuals who submitted these to inform them of the decision that was made regarding their proposals.

Other Business ❓

As of now, there is no other business but follow the Doodles Community Council on X for more updates.