July 5, 2023



📄Run of show: Plans for relaunch day

👨‍🍳Request for Proposals (RFPs)


  • Public facing version drafted
  • Proposal form structure + internal scoring mechanism = done
  • Holders will be able to track status of all submitted proposals
  • @eyaltoledano is deving up a storm to make everyone’s lives much easier with a streamlined automated process 🐐

📄Run of show

  • Chair @8270eth is working alongside @bincerli finalize the plans for relaunch day
  • Official twitter spaces: Confirmed
  • Relaunch thread: Loading…
  • Discord: Chair + @itmemushy working on restructure to be released on launch
  • Phase 1: Loading...


  • Council pushing to bake a few RFPs to kick things off
  • All hands on deck to bring @doodles holders a brand new way to contribute to our colorful ecosystem!