June 20, 2023


🚀Next steps to launch

👷‍♂️Notion Construction Underway

🗓Launch Phases

🪑Next Steps: Chair

  • Creative Brief = Sent
  • DB relaunch comms: twitter spaces, threads, discord details, notion launch, organic engagement
  • Doods n Birbs Spaces tonight

🎉Next Steps: Events

  • Events criteria sent for approval
  • Finalizing public facing events guidelines
  • Gathering official merch data
  • Doods n Birbs Spaces tonight

🎁Next Steps: Rewards

  • Working with product team as a key stakeholder to help define loyalty programs
  • Syncing with product for on-chain data
  • Doods n Birbs Spaces tonight
  • Harold is cooking 🔥

💰Next Steps: Treasurer

  • Working with core team on disbursal plan
  • Refining budget and updating notion

🤝 Next Steps: Grants

  • Spearheading notion construction
  • Working on platform to take in funding applications/proposals
  • Coordinating with core team on terms and conditions

🗓Launch Phases

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  • Internally phases have been defined, NO PEEKING