June 6, 2023


🤝Grants: Framework Iteration + Feedback

🎉Events: Incentives

🎁Rewards: Meetings

💰Treasury: Collaborating

🪑Chair: Comms Strategy + Weekly Reports


  • Gather community feedback via the watch to involve holders in final draft
  • Finalizing lead-specific evaluation criteria
  • Molding data driven internal voting procedures
  • Working to incorporate community involvement


  • Scoping community ambassador program and incentives
  • Working with core team on community event branding
  • Framework revisions ongoing


  • Taking and evaluating rewards template feedback
  • Reviewing product and partnership pipeline with core team
  • Buttoning up first holder rewards for launch


  • Working with leads to establish ETH ranges (dependent on proposal scale)
  • Meeting with finance team to align treasury with company
  • Financial forecasting


  • Tightening comms strategy for official approval
  • Spearheading “Doodlebank Relaunch Plan”
  • Liaising with core team to convey community sentiment
  • Standardizing internal comms templates with core team