May 23, 2023


📜Mission statement

👋The Watch: Welcome

📝Meeting with Austin + Chair: Highlights

🗣Communication Strategy

🆕Council Leads Updates

🔨Draft Proposal Frameworks

📜Mission Statement

  • Has been iterated over past few weeks
  • Final version has been submitted by chair to legal (@siabram)
  • Council is excited to get it approved!

👋The Watch: Welcome

  • Per Austin, the watch is akin to a board observer responsible for:
    • Publishing meeting highlights and council progress updates
    • Developing cadence + content touch points to share information with community

📝Austin + Chair: Meeting Highlights

  • Focused on the DB processes so we can reopen the bank to holders
  • Leads set weekly objectives + core team reviews council progress
  • Emphasized creation of comms strategy to keep holders in the loop

🗣Communication Strategy

  • Official comms led by 8270 + watch, advised by Head of Brand Marketing Bianca
  • Channels considered: twitter, discord, notion
  • Comms strategy draft is under construction
  • Highlighted the importance of organic comms (e.g. spaces, group chats, discord presence etc.)


  • First pass on rewards plan drafted by Harold
  • Harold is joining Head of Brand Partnerships Brandon & Head of Business Development and Strategy Austin in upcoming brand partnerships meeting to align with long term vision for Doodles
  • Some avenues being explored: retention, loyalty, rarity/traits etc.


  • First pass on events plan drafted by Kat
  • Working with Head of Extended Experience Mackenzie to revise framework
  • Incentivize holders to host events + serve international communities
  • Geographic data collection
  • Interest in Doodles branded materials


  • Multiple meetings with finance, in progress sculpting: financial model, budget, and disbursal mechanisms
  • Working to balance for sustainability and avoiding blockers
  • Will work with Events + Grants to solidify quarterly allotment per category