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tattdood / @tattdood

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@March 22, 2024

Aug 21, 2023 7:03 PM
Thank you for submitting this community event grant request! Unfortunately it has not been funded due to the following reasons: - Amount requested (15k USD) exceeds the max funding amount (5k USD) for community meetups.


Doodles IRL Hike Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 242 Requested Budget (USD): 15000


Doodles #69 - project lead


What kind of community event are you organizing? community meetup

What's the name of the event? Doodles IRL Hike

What can you tell us about the venue and capacity? Outdoors on mountain, unlimited capacity.

Could you break down the anticipated number of attendees? Include the projected percentage of attendees who will be Doodles holders. 30 - 300

What is the event's run of show? Include any planned activities and entertainment. Annual even during NFT LA. Doodles OG hike with guest celebrity(s).

What are you hoping to accomplish through this event? Give Doodles OG's the benefit of networking in the entertainment capital of the world in a chill outdoor voyage.

Please detail the budget plan that accounts for all projected expenses to be assumed by the Inkubator, as well as any other participating parties or sponsors. Be sure to include any potential revenue sources. $10,000 - $15,000 - celeb(s) $3000 - custom merch $2000 - beverage / snacks

What is the marketing and promotional plan to generate demand for the event? Doodles community posting and word of mouth.

How will registration / holder check-in be managed? Token gated.

Please list any known third party stakeholders (if applicable). NA

Please list any participating organizations & sponsors (if applicable). Possible sponsorships for merch, beverage and snacks.

Project Lead Additional Remarks

Cool on-brand speak easy and unique experience for OG Doodles.