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| TheMightyO |#9018 / rareevo

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@August 24, 2023

Aug 21, 2023 7:03 PM



Thank you for taking the time to submit this community event grant proposal to the Inkubator. Unfortunately your proposal did not pass for the reasons listed below.

  1. The scope of the proposed sponsorship items (exhibitor booth and Saturday evening EDM experience) are currently outside of what we’re hoping to curate for the OG community. Specifically, brand activations (including exhibition booths) should be driven by Doodles LLC, rather than the Inkubator.
  2. Additionally, the requested funding amount ($8500) does not have a clear breakdown of cost benefit / OG holder, nor were any specific estimates of holders in attendance provided.

A suggestion for any future proposals would be to purchase a block of tickets so that local holders can attend or host a community meet up outside of the event for visiting holders in town.

At Rare Network, we produce our flagship event, Rare Evo (, a multichain blockchain conference hosted at Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center on Aug. 24-26th 2023. The conference consists of an Industry Night Afterparty, followed by 2 days of full programming (main stage, expo hall, and entertainment) with further afterparties each night (Hip Hop for Friday and EDM for Saturday). Rare Evo is a melting pot of welcoming multi-chain projects, communities, industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts to network, educate, and celebrate around the theme of interoperability and the convergence of traditional industry with Web3 technology. Last year in October we had a major success with 700 IRL attendees, 50+ exhibitors, 30k live stream viewers, and 500k related views on YT. This year, we plan to outpace those numbers with a more diverse and even higher value audience. Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 21 Requested Budget (USD): 8500


Wes Parkinson - Co-Founder - Partner Engagement Rand McHenry - Co-Founder - Event Production Evan Fischer - Head of Operations & Event Production Brittni Mullins - Social Media & Project Management


What kind of community event are you organizing? cross-community event

What's the name of the event? Rare Evo

What can you tell us about the venue and capacity? The conference is held at Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center which can hold 2k individuals in our space. It's a beautiful 4 star resort with multiple dining options, pubs, and entertainment, such as a lazy river.

Could you break down the anticipated number of attendees? Include the projected percentage of attendees who will be Doodles holders. 700+ IRL Attendees -- there will be Doodles holders, however we do not have an estimate. Other collections present will be Sappy Seals, Aavegotchi, Dogepound, The Ape Society, Clay Nation, Crypto Unicorns, Splinterlands, and many more projects.

What is the event's run of show? Include any planned activities and entertainment.

There will be speeches (Microsoft, Charles Hoskinson, VeChain), workshops (MetaMask, Alchemix, Crypto Unicorns), and expo hall networking for both Friday & Saturday. That's 2 days of programming, 3 afterparties, and an unofficial lazy river party on Sunday late morning.

What are you hoping to accomplish through this event? The goal is to acclimate projects of any size to a highly professionally produced event where there is high ROI opportunity and interpersonal/business connections created throughout the experience, that can positively benefit the businesses and individuals in attendance.

Please detail the budget plan that accounts for all projected expenses to be assumed by the Inkubator, as well as any other participating parties or sponsors. Be sure to include any potential revenue sources. 10x20 Booth (w/ table chairs, and a waste bin) w/ 5 Exhibitor Passes ($8,500 USD) Saturday Night EDM Sponsorship ($15,000 USD)

What is the marketing and promotional plan to generate demand for the event? Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Video Ads, Mailers, Billboards, Local Engagement, etc.

How will registration / holder check-in be managed? Attendees will receive a QR code that they will use to check in and exchange for a lanyard/badge and/or wristband dependent on ticket type.

Please list any known third party stakeholders (if applicable). Wes Parkinson & Rand McHenry the founders of Rare Network are self-funded and 50/50 partners.

Please list any participating organizations & sponsors (if applicable). VeChain Hive Blockchain Input Output Global EMURGO Microsoft FedEx The Linux Foundation St. Jude's Children's Hospital Hyoerledger Cardano Foundation MetaMask The Ape Society VyFi EZO Solarbots World Mobile Alchemix SingularityNet Sappy Seals Undead Blocks Aavegotchi Dogepound Ben Token Mad V Apes Decentral Games NuNET Mlabs Cornucopias Sarcophagus Anvil CSWAP Crypto Unicorns Splinterlands Wrestling Organization Online Crypto Shots Technotainment Cryptochips Hosky Exotix Summon/Adao Cardano Over Coffee/Epoch Nmkr Jam Galaxy Mindplex Ergo Blitz TCG Orcfax Snapbrillia zenGate TierOneCombat Maestro Bitmain Ikigai Games Waba

Project Lead Additional Remarks

There will be some very creative elements. This is not your bare bones quality over quantity corporate convention... this is a boutique, yet powerful experience.

Apart from the main stage speeches and expo, we will have live art and installations from artists like:

Shelby Stardust Refik Anadol Zhang Huan Brendan O'Connell Viktor Freso & many more...

Dogepound will have a puppy decompression zone with live puppies who can be adopted or given donations for their shelter.

Rare Network will have a dunk tank where people can donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital who have raised $4M+ from crypto. Their entire blockchain team will be present. They will also do an AR installation.

Krizz Kaliko is our biggest headliner for music with a lot more talent in addition: