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@September 5, 2023

Sep 7, 2023 5:11 PM
Council Feedback: This proposal was rejected. Mnewbis is a crucial member of the Doodles community :)


Buy and burn mnewbis doodle for 25eth and all of the art still owned buy mnewbis as a purge Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 13 Requested Budget (USD): 25000


Super charming guy, definitely well endowed


What unique benefit(s) or experience(s) does this project provide for the holders of the originals Doodles collection? It helps the doodles sleep at night knowing a mad man is gone

How might this project affect the overall value of the original Doodles collection: There’s only one mnewbis

How does this initiative relate to Doodles' brand identity and values? Because doodles is no longer a project for people over the ages of 18, and mnewbis is for ages of 18 and older

What aspects of this project could appeal to the Doodles community? All the cry babies won’t have to cry any more

If any, what are the projected financial outcomes of this project for Inkubator? Doodles won’t see mnewbis ever again

Can you describe the team's skills, past performance and credentials? I’m an absolute mad man

Who are the target audiences for this project? Meme culture of web3

Why is now the right time to fund this project? What does the spending plan look like? The spending will be mostly on drugs but it would be cool to fix up the deck. Why is it the right time? Why Tf not I say

Could you outline the plan for building awareness for this project once it is launched? Doodles buys mnewbis last doodle

Mnewbis burns what remaining art he holds of his doodle art

Founders rejoice

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project? As soon as possible

Project Lead Additional Remarks

Starfeild comes out September 5th so I would like to over shadow bethesdas big day