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Nir Kouris#9217 / @nirkouris

Date or Duration

@October 4, 2023

Aug 21, 2023 7:03 PM
Thank you for submitting this community event grant proposal! Unfortunately it has not passed due to the following reasons: - Can you please provide a more detailed breakdown of the budget? It’s the same exact budget from your last proposal. In order to effectively judge this proposal, we’d need an actual cost for the venue + a cost per head for f&b, since it is the bulk of the cost. - The name of the the meet up would need to be revised from Doodles X Berlin Web3 Week in order to meet the community events guidelines.

- Do you have any information that would substantiate the 0G holder turnout estimate provided (30-50)? We would love to see you implement the above feedback and resubmit!


Doodles x Berlin Web3 Week

Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 82 Requested Budget (USD): 5000


Nir Kouris - Founder and event organizer


What kind of community event are you organizing? community meetup

What's the name of the event? Doodles x Berlin Web3 Week

What can you tell us about the venue and capacity? 120 people at the main Mindspace Berlin prime location

Could you break down the anticipated number of attendees? Include the projected percentage of attendees who will be Doodles holders. We will have around 30-50 holders and +1s from the total up to 120 people

What is the event's run of show? Include any planned activities and entertainment. 6:30-7:00 Registration 7:00 - 7:30 Opening talks 7:30-9:30 Networking & Snacks

What are you hoping to accomplish through this event? Having our first Berlin event is super important. After Adidas did their Alts community event in Berlin , many doodle holders and other communities like RTFKT saw the potential of doing something in Berlin that many holders can come and also the feedback from the community was that there is a need for a more web3 event there.

Also during the week there’s the Best of Blockchain summit and a lot of people are planning to be in Berlin for it.

We will collaborate with the bigger event and use this as a side event

Please detail the budget plan that accounts for all projected expenses to be assumed by the Inkubator, as well as any other participating parties or sponsors. Be sure to include any potential revenue sources. Venue 1000 Food and drinks 4000 We will also film and take photos of this first Berlin gathering to promote doodles ecosystem in this area

What is the marketing and promotional plan to generate demand for the event? Working with Mindspace on banners, also Best of Blockchain will invite all the VIPs will help us get attention and buzz going

How will registration / holder check-in be managed? Eventbrite with a code we will make a form like we did for Paris and ask for verification

Please list any known third party stakeholders (if applicable). Mindspace Berlin Hoxton Hotel in Berlin for discount for doodle holders Creator Nations event production

Please list any participating organizations & sponsors (if applicable). Not currently

Project Lead Additional Remarks

We secured the Mindspace location for October 4th it’s a day before the best of blockchain summit so we can use it as the opening gala event of the web3 week