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@September 15, 2023

Sep 7, 2023 5:19 PM
Council Feedback: Thanks for your submission. This proposal is missing some information before the status can be updated. Here are some items to discuss with other Council members: - The key hypothesis of this experiment is not clear based on the information provided. - Entering a phone number is a fairly complex nuance as far as PII and blockchain permanence goes. How is the product or smart contract set up to protect customer information from being access or decoded from previous blocks on the chain, for example in the event that a customer requests their information be deleted? - Is it possible to power the user experience through emails only? - Some of the provided responses lack detail, such as the spending plan We’ll be following up with the internal team to get a general sense of how/if getting into the Crocs or CAMP retail locations is a viable experiment on their end. Please provide answers to the above questions in the Discord thread assigned to this proposal. The proposal will expire in approximately 30 days unless the information is provided.


We've integrated proof-of-ownership into the largest Web2 Point-of-Sale systems so every web2 brand can become web3 enabled overnight. Our no-code solution asks the brands to connect their PoS system and all Doodle holders have to do is enter their phone number at checkout to gain access to exclusive rewards and experiences. We've signed up 15 brands for the Beta and would love to focus the rewards around the Doodles community Team Space:** On approval Days until launch: 20 Requested Budget (USD): 50


We have five backend engineers and are VC backed by Metaversal. Please lmk where I can send the Demo videos. Thank you!


What’s the key hypothesis your proposal tests that could bring value to the brand and holders? Commercial adoption will drive mass adoption. Web2 has 5B users and $15T of Global GDP, we need to build bridges to on-board the masses and that means meeting customers and brands where they are today.

What’s the distinct value proposition of your proposal? Making web3 as simple as a phone number for brands and customers. Show up, enter your phone number, and automically receive discounts based on your digital asset ownership. No buying crypto, setting up wallets, or signing transactions. Just show up and enter your phone number -- our tech handles the rest.

Can your proposal be scaled and replicated if successful? Square has 64M merchants across the globe and we are the ONLY web3 integration available to these merchants.

Does your proposal introduce a new benefit for OG Doodles? We have the ability to offer tiered rewards based to rarity and quantity based. So OG Doodles can get extra special perks.

How will your proposal broaden the appeal of Doodles to new audiences? Any business that uses Square, Stripe, Mindbody, Shopify, SquareSpace, Verifone, Revel, LightSpeed, OpenTable, or Toast can now offer Doodles holders exclusive rewards

Does your proposal have the potential to increase revenue for our holders or the Inkubator? $1M

Is your proposal structured to self-sustain its expenses? yes

If successful, do you plan to move your project to the Inkubation stage? yes

Project Lead Additional Remarks

I have a deck and videos to share.

Provide us the PoS systems used by Croc's retailers and now those businesses can offer discounts or holders can accumulate points everything they input their phone number at checkout. We have the ability to take your commercial partnerships to a new level and spread doodles everywhere.