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@December 1, 2023

Sep 7, 2023 5:11 PM


The Doodles College: Enriching the community through diverse, engaging, and educational online classes that empower creativity while aligning seamlessly with Doodles' core values and principles. Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 96 Requested Budget (USD): 12


As the project lead, I bring my deep connection to the Doodles project, passion for art, and expertise as a teacher to guide the project's vision and execution. With over 3 years of experience in the NFT space and a background in teaching languages and computer sciences, I am committed to nurturing creativity and learning within the Doodles community. Responsibilities: Overseeing all aspects of the project, content creation, platform selection, interactive design, and community engagement. Collaborating with fellow Doodle Holders and experts to ensure high-quality classes.


What unique benefit(s) or experience(s) does this project provide for the holders of the originals Doodles collection? This project provides original Doodles collection holders with a range of unique benefits and experiences that enhance their connection to the Doodles brand and community:

  1. Exclusive Learning Opportunities: Original Doodles collection holders gain exclusive access to diverse educational classes across various subjects, enriching their knowledge and skills in areas such as digital art, language learning, computer sciences, and more. This access is a valuable privilege that deepens their engagement with the Doodles ecosystem.
  2. Direct Interaction with Experts: Holders have the opportunity to directly engage with experts and accomplished instructors within the Doodles community. They can interact with artists, creators, and professionals who share their expertise through interactive classes, Q&A sessions, and discussions.
  3. Skill Enhancement: By participating in specialized classes, Doodle Holders can enhance their creative and practical skills. Whether it's improving their digital art techniques, improving language proficiency, or gaining computer science knowledge, or other, the project contributes to personal growth and development.
  4. Community Involvement: Doodle Holders can actively contribute to the project's success by participating as guest instructors, sharing their own expertise, and engaging in discussions. This level of involvement fosters a sense of ownership and pride within the Doodles community.
  5. Cross-Disciplinary Learning: The project encourages Doodle Holders to explore diverse subjects beyond their immediate interests, enabling them to broaden their horizons and explore new areas of learning. This cross-disciplinary approach adds depth to their understanding of creativity and innovation.
  6. Networking and Collaboration: Through live sessions, Q&A interactions, and community engagement, Doodle Holders have the opportunity to network with fellow enthusiasts, artists, and professionals. This fosters collaboration, idea exchange, and meaningful connections within the Doodles ecosystem.
  7. Artistic Exploration: Original Doodles collection holders can expand their artistic exploration by participating in classes related to digital art and creative expression. This enhances their understanding of artistic techniques and encourages them to contribute more diverse and innovative creations to the Doodles project.
  8. Personalized Learning Journey: The project's variety of classes caters to different learning preferences and skill levels, allowing Doodle Holders to tailor their learning journey according to their interests and needs.

In essence, this project offers Doodle Holders an exclusive and immersive learning experience that goes beyond art appreciation, fostering active participation, skill development, and a deeper connection to the Doodles community.

How might this project affect the overall value of the original Doodles collection: This project has the potential to positively impact the overall value of the original Doodles collection by enhancing the Doodles brand's reputation, community engagement, and creative ecosystem. By offering exclusive educational content, fostering skill development, and deepening the connection between Doodle Holders and the project, the value of the original Doodles collection can increase as the community becomes more vibrant, knowledgeable, and invested in the project's growth and success.

How does this initiative relate to Doodles' brand identity and values? This initiative aligns seamlessly with Doodles' brand identity and values. By promoting creativity, innovation, and community engagement, "Doodles College" embodies the core principles that define Doodles. The project's commitment to empowering individuals with diverse educational experiences resonates with Doodles' goal of nurturing talent and fostering connections within its community. Just as Doodles seeks to enrich the lives of its holders, "Doodles College" extends this mission by providing a platform for learning, growth, and collaboration, ultimately reinforcing the brand's identity as a hub of creativity and knowledge.

What aspects of this project could appeal to the Doodles community? "Doodles College" appeals to the Doodles community through its:

Educational Diversity: Classes in various subjects cater to different interests.

Community Engagement: Interaction with instructors and peers fosters participation.

Artistic Growth: Enhancing skills and techniques benefits creators.

OG Holder Connection: Featuring them adds authenticity.

Innovation Focus: Encouraging exploration aligns with the community's spirit. Lifelong Learning: Cultivating curiosity and self-improvement.

Value Enhancement: Enriched content uplifts the entire community.

Collaborative Elements: Engagement opportunities for the community.

Brand Identity: Aligning with Doodles' values fosters loyalty.

If any, what are the projected financial outcomes of this project for Inkubator? While the primary goal of "Doodles College" is to enrich the Doodles community and provide valuable learning experiences, the project also offers potential financial outcomes for Inkubator. These outcomes include:

Subscription Revenue: The subscription model can generate a steady stream of revenue as participants sign up for access to the educational content.

Sponsored Classes: Collaborations with brands and organizations for sponsored classes can result in partnerships that provide financial benefits to Inkubator.

Merchandise Sales: The sale of branded merchandise related to "Doodles College" can contribute to revenue.

Affiliate Marketing: Partnering with relevant companies for affiliate marketing can bring in additional income through commission-based arrangements.

Community Contributions: Allowing community members to contribute financially through donations or support tiers can provide supplementary funding.

While these financial outcomes are projected, it's important to note that the main focus remains on delivering high-quality educational content and fostering community engagement. The financial benefits serve to support the sustainability and growth of the project within the Doodles ecosystem.

Can you describe the team's skills, past performance and credentials? As the creator behind the "Doodles College" project, I bring a distinctive blend of experience, expertise, and fervor to the table. With more than three years of active involvement in the NFT space, I possess an in-depth comprehension of the digital art landscape and its intricate dynamics. My close ties within the Doodles OG community position me as an insider, allowing me to grasp the very essence and values that define the Doodles endeavor.

My real-world role as an educator specializing in German and English languages, along with computer sciences, stands as a potent asset for the project. Leveraging my pedagogical prowess, I'm equipped to craft captivating and impactful educational content, ensuring that the tutorials are accessible, informative, and engaging for learners of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

My adeptness with Adobe software and essential tools further showcases my capability to deliver content. This proficiency translates into tutorials that are visually compelling and communication that enhances the overall learning journey for participants.

My passion for art, teaching, and the Doodles undertaking harmoniously aligns with the aspirations of "Doodles College." My unwavering commitment to continuous learning, coupled with my eagerness to contribute my acquired digital design skills to elevate Doodles to global recognition, underscores my dedication to the project's triumph.

In summation, my collective experiences, skills, and insights position me as the ideal driving force to breathe life into "Doodles College." Through educational content that resonates with both seasoned creators and eager learners, I'm poised to enrich the Doodles community, fulfilling the project's purpose and potential.

Who are the target audiences for this project?

The target audiences for this project span a wide spectrum, encompassing individuals of all age groups, from kids to adults. "Doodles College" is tailored to provide engaging and informative lessons for everyone, extending beyond the realm of digital art. This initiative caters to aspiring creators, artists, students, professionals, and enthusiasts seeking to explore subjects like language learning, computer sciences, creative writing, and communication strategies. By offering diverse content that appeals to a broad range of interests, the project fosters an inclusive and dynamic learning community within the Doodles ecosystem.

Why is now the right time to fund this project? What does the spending plan look like? The timing for the "Doodles College" project is strategic for the following reasons:

NFT Landscape Dynamics: Despite a temporary decline in NFT interest, this project leverages a unique combination of skills and educational content that can reignite interest and engagement within and beyond the community.

Adaptive Learning Platform: The project aligns with the evolving landscape, capitalizing on the potential of a reinventing platform X. This promises new avenues and broader exposure for content creators, including "Doodles College."

By capitalizing on these opportunities, "Doodles College" has the potential to generate renewed interest and engagement within a transforming NFT ecosystem.

Spending Plan:

At launch: $7,200 Ongoing Expenses: $600 per session, totaling $4,800 (end of pilot) Set-Up:

Hardware: Equipment: $1,000 iMac: $3,000 Studio Design: $500 Software: Software: $200 Creator Fees per Session: $500 Visuals and Marketing: $2,000

Could you outline the plan for building awareness for this project once it is launched? The awareness plan includes leveraging the Doodles community, social media engagement, collaborations with influencers, interactive workshops, and strategic partnerships to maximize visibility and engagement for the "Doodles College" project.

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project? Commencing in December 2023, content production begins in January 2024. Completion of the first eight sessions of a single course by February 2024, followed by feedback and evaluation, is anticipated.

Project Lead Additional Remarks

Personal Note of Motivation:

As an ardent supporter and dedicated member of the Doodles OG community for over two years, my journey within the NFT space has been nothing short of exciting. The vibrant and creative atmosphere that the Doodles project embodies has resonated with me on a profound level, sparking a passion for art and innovation that drives me daily. It has even led me to get a Tattoo of our beloved Hap.

With a strong foundation in teaching both German and English languages, as well as computer sciences, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education. It is this combination of my profession and my genuine love for art that compels me to embark on the Doodles College initiative. I firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of empowerment, and my goal is to create a platform where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can unlock their creative potential.

Having nurtured meaningful connections within the Doodles OG community, I am deeply committed to contributing to its growth and global recognition. My personal journey of continuous learning and exploration aligns seamlessly with Doodles' mission to foster creativity, innovation, and community engagement. By merging my expertise in teaching with my passion for digital design, I envision Doodles College as a place for the exchange of knowledge, artistic growth, and inspiration.

With unwavering dedication, I am excited to embark on this journey, translating my experience as an educator and my love for art into a project that enriches the lives of Doodle Holders and enthusiasts alike. Together, we will create a space where learning is joyf- and colorul, creativity knows no bounds, and Doodles evolves into a worldwide symbol of creativity and innovation.

Sincerely, Martin Schuurmann aka