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@September 15, 2023
Sep 7, 2023 5:18 PM


Council Feedback: Thanks for your proposal, and congratulations on your photography success so far. Unfortunately, this proposal could not pass because the Inkubator does not currently fund derivative or mint projects. Perhaps there’s a way to restructure and resubmit this proposal as a community service (the experiment) to test if there’s viable and repeatable demand for this sort of offering. Thank you


My name is Michael Stewart I’m a doodles 2 holder and I’d love to get in on the original at some point I really love the unique art style and strong conundrum with doodles. I myself am a digital artist I happen to have a very unique and original style. I take photographs of real fire then I digitally manipulate the fire like paint to make my final 1/1 NFTs they are all hand illustrated with fire. I haves commical experiment idea that I think would be a lot of fun I would love to create some 1/1 NFTs of your doodles mabye as select few of the OG doodles in my fire style and then auction them off for charities for the Maui fire relief funded. You can see my portfolio here and videos of my unique process.

Team Space:** On approval Days until launch: 17 Requested Budget (USD): 0


This would be only me I am the lead artist for my art company. I would just need your permission and help matting the Auctions for charity. Also I think if you do deviate to work with me your should auction off the 1/1s as they would get more exposure.



What’s the key hypothesis your proposal tests that could bring value to the brand and holders? I have a unique style that the world has not really seen yet and you have the most unique NFT project. Together I believe we can reside a lot of money to help the wild fire charity’s and that’s the best reason to do it. Hope to hear from you and thanks again !

What’s the distinct value proposition of your proposal? The value, would be huge to get better exposure for your and my brand in a national media cycle .

Can your proposal be scaled and replicated if successful? I believe so it takes me about 3 weeks to create a fire painting using real fire taking photos and illustrating the work. So we could start with 1 and if it’s successful we could raise the bar with more works.

Does your proposal introduce a new benefit for OG Doodles? Yes brand awareness through supporting a unknown artist and brand positive recognition nationally for donating to a current disaster fund and state in desperate need of help.

How will your proposal broaden the appeal of Doodles to new audiences? There would be many people that have no idea what a NFT is would have not only awareness of your brand but a positive outlook on NFTs due to the charity nature of the project.

Does your proposal have the potential to increase revenue for our holders or the Inkubator? I believe so

Is your proposal structured to self-sustain its expenses? Yes there is very little overhead as I’m willing to donate my time to create these works for charity

If successful, do you plan to move your project to the Inkubation stage? I would love to go further with the project I believe it can go all the way.

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