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@September 20, 2023

Sep 7, 2023 5:18 PM
Council Feedback: Thanks for taking the time to submit your proposal. Unfortunately, we could not pass it in its current iteration. We welcome any future resubmissions on these subjects, but here is some feedback in the meantime: This proposal seems mostly to be for an event, for which applications are currently closed. As far as commercial experiments go, an A/B test for merchandise does not constitute a strong enough justification for the use of Inkubation funds. We recommend resubmitting a commercial experiment that can stand on its own, and withholding any event-related proposals until community event grants reopen.


This is a combo, community event / commercial experiment request. I would like to host a 3 team NFT DAY Scramble golf event for NFT Day on Sept. 20th. Flow has reached out to me to run an event for them and I've approached Links DAO as well.

I'm requesting the Inkubator to fund a portion of the event as well. This would be a great networking and marketing opportunity across projects. I've also been working with my team on a re-vamp of our Trolls Golf Club website for a more e-commerce focused need. We're in the process of finalizing some polos that have both a TGC vibe as well as doodle centric angle. I've got a US based supplier that can make two different logo'd hats in time for the event; one with the Trolls Logo and one with the PukeBall. I'd like to leverage these hats as give away prizes at the event as well as for re-posts/tags on socials to gain awareness (I will produce content for the event) of NFT day and each respective project. We will take the remainder of the hats and launch them on the site to A/B test interest in design as well as prove out the e-commerce and delivery for when the polo test run is ready. Team Space:** On approval Days until launch: 21 Requested Budget (USD): 1500


Running solo with Burry Corp. Flow will be funding financially. I'm requesting support from LinksDAO (Coop their moderator has already shown interest to partner).


What’s the key hypothesis your proposal tests that could bring value to the brand and holders? I'm looking to test the boundaries of cross project collaboration events as well as cross project marketing awareness via socials. I'd concurrently like to A/B test logo designs for a potential inkubator business idea.

What’s the distinct value proposition of your proposal? We will be brining representation and awareness to Doodles, Flow, LinksDAO on 9/20 "NFT Day" I will also be able to gage appetite for logo designs for a golf centric line of merch. If desired we can figure out how to token gate the A/B buying experience to holders at a discounted rate (want to cover shipping costs). We would use the remainder of the hats produced for the marketing of the event for this.

Can your proposal be scaled and replicated if successful? Yes

Does your proposal introduce a new benefit for OG Doodles? Yes

How will your proposal broaden the appeal of Doodles to new audiences? I'm looking to bring that burnt toast swagoo into the golf realm. We will be leveraging Flow, Links, and TGC accounts to spread the event across the interwebs. Events like these showcase the power of web3 connections and IRL utility.

Does your proposal have the potential to increase revenue for our holders or the Inkubator? Should the test go well with the limited merch run, I would push forth a business proposal to fund a proper RFP of a full doodle golf capsule run at scale. This business model would include a revenue share going back into the bank. We would run token gated at first at a discount for holders and then open remaining to public until gone.

Is your proposal structured to self-sustain its expenses? This would be a 1 time investment into the event and marketing opportunity. Should the merch prove of interest we'd move forward with a fully operational model at scale.

If successful, do you plan to move your project to the Inkubation stage? This is my intention

Project Lead Additional Remarks

This is mainly a marketing event opportunity but I'd like to leverage funds to A/B test logos and end to end customer experience through our webstore.

I was going to also run this event as a mini tournament. There's been some chatter in the community of wanting to run "The Doodle Cup" event in 2024. A large cross project golf tournament with a doodles twist. The Links community is very engaged and it would be great to float the idea to them to get buy-in before an inkubation submission.