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@December 31, 2023

Sep 5, 2023 3:36 PM
This proposal will be resubmitted.
Council Feedback Really cool proposal, thanks for putting it together. The direction is great, and would make for a great candidate for inkubation. For the Inkubator to double down with the requested budget structure would require a proper experiment (with a budget to match) to validate that move. One way to accomplish that while setting up key infrastructure for the commercial success of the product is to prepare a commercial experiment that collects emails and preorders from interested users in the defined target market. These individuals can be found and engaged across a variety of online communities and social media. The value proposition can be tested against these early adopters and the early marketing automation mechanisms required to successfully drive a go to market can be created to enable the experiment. Would be willing to clear an experiment of smaller scope to drive a milestone number of preorders and validate the project over some agreed upon timeline. Provided such a successful experiment, this proposal would be graduated to Inkubation to properly support it through production and go-to market. Will followup with project lead


Rainbow Puke - A Doodles Trading Cards Game (TCG) Project Team Space:** On approval Days until launch: 119 Requested Budget (USD): 50000


Project Lead - G: plan, manage and design game mechanics Project Artist(s) - one or a few Doodles Community artists (will be commissioned) the project is sourcing a few Doodles Community members to help design, test, and work on the project


What’s the key hypothesis your proposal tests that could bring value to the brand and holders? This project is to design and produce first trading card game (TCG) featured by OG Doodles, for fun, to collect and play competitively. It will not only introduce new audience from tabletop game/ TCG lovers to Doodles brand as well as share profits with Doodles community, OG Doodles holders, and Inkubator. If successful, the project will sustain itself by release expansion and more chapters.

What’s the distinct value proposition of your proposal?

  1. Engage Existing Doodles Community: create and design the game together with the community
  2. Reward and Enrich Community Culture: convert rich community assets like slangs and meme to physical cards for revenue generation
  3. Profits Share: share profit with stakeholders (Doodles community, OG Doodles holders, and Inkubator)
  4. Expand Doodles Brand: introduce new audience to Doodles brand and community The Goals of The Game: for fun, to collect and play competitively

Can your proposal be scaled and replicated if successful? Yes! and:

  1. There will be 10-20 OG Doodles featured in the first chapter
  2. The game is based on Doodles community stories and created lore
  3. The project will sustain itself by future releases of game expansions and more chapters

Does your proposal introduce a new benefit for OG Doodles? Yes:

  1. Revenue share
  2. Limited products, promos, and gifts only for OG holders

How will your proposal broaden the appeal of Doodles to new audiences? Introduce New Audience to Doodles Brand and Community

  1. Tabletop game/TCG lovers
  2. Card collectors
  3. TCG competitive players

Does your proposal have the potential to increase revenue for our holders or the Inkubator?

  1. Budget Allocation: a. License fee paid to selected OG Doodles holders b. Commission paid to community artists for artworks c. Cost of production and distribution cost d. Marketing fee and other expenses
  2. Revenue Potential a. 1st Production Estimated Revenue ~ 150k b. Game Development and Production Expense ~ 50k c. First Production Profits Share Structure ~ OG Doodles holders/Inkubator/Project (30%/30%/40%) (*licensed OG Doodles holders also earn license fee) d. 2nd and Future Productions Strategy: It will be analyzed and determined based on the 1st production. (profits share structure will remain the same but % paid to each stakeholder may be subject to change) e. Cost Savings: expect savings from future production, distribution, and game development

Is your proposal structured to self-sustain its expenses?

  1. Inkubator’s fund will help initiate the project by: a. Develop the game b. Hire or commission community artists for artwork c. Marketing and produce 1st production for sale
  2. After the 1st production sale, the profits will be used to: a. Share with the stakeholders b. Pay future production c. Develop future game

If successful, do you plan to move your project to the Inkubation stage? If the project is successful, it will sustain itself by release expansion and more chapters:

  1. Introduce more OG Doodles characters and lore into future products
  2. Create a healthy and demanding TCG culture within the existing Doodles community 3. Create a revenue stream for Doodles community and artists
  3. Project Lead Additional Remarks