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must_be_ash / @must_be_ash

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@October 25, 2023

Sep 13, 2023 10:35 PM
Council Feedback: This proposal did not pass final internal review, and as a result was rejected. Please expect a followup communication with the Project Lead.


Getting Scott Martin (a.k.a Burnt Toast) to sign our Doodles through Binder.Studio for an hour or two. Using ERC6551 standard, Binder will allow Burnt Toast to sign our Doodles or leave us a personal note (e.g. "To Ash, thanks for being a Dood!"). This new layer, will be a Token owned by the OG Doodles and Soulbounded (attached) to the original token (i.e. the signature or the note will be inseparable from the Doodle). Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 41 Requested Budget (USD): 0


Ash Nouruzi, Founder and Designer

Don Dang, Software Engineer at

Shyam Patel, Blockchain Engineer, at (prev. Razor Network)


What unique benefit(s) or experience(s) does this project provide for the holders of the originals Doodles collection? Similar to posters, baseball or vinyls that get signed, the personal touch of the artist will increasing the asset's value and adds a sentimental layers, making the Doodle feel more personal, special or even tailored to the holder.

This would be a great way for the holders who haven't been able to attend an IRL event to feel a connection with their beloved artist, Scott.

How might this project affect the overall value of the original Doodles collection: As mentioned above, adding a personal touch from the artist increases the collectable's value which applies across industries (e.g. film, art, sports, music...). Any note or signature will be forever attached as an NFT and owned by the original (OG Doodle). This new layer will be inseparable and will only be able to transfer with it's parent token (OG Doodle). Meaning it is an added layer, it won't affect the original token, nor form a new collection (more art without dilution).

How does this initiative relate to Doodles' brand identity and values? If getting a signed Burnt Toast Doodle doesn't bring joy to the community, I don't know what will.

What aspects of this project could appeal to the Doodles community? Access to Burn Toast, feeling more connected to the brand, personalisation of your Doodle through it's creator and increasing sentimental value of your Doodle

If any, what are the projected financial outcomes of this project for Inkubator? There is currently no plans for monetization. Collectors will only pay gas fees and we sponsor gas fees for the artists to participate. We will not profit from interactions, the only benefit for us is to gain traction, feedback and iterate till we reach product market fit.

Can you describe the team's skills, past performance and credentials? Ash, 9 years of design practice, have been focusing full-time on building startups within web3 for the past year and half. Previously, co-founded PlayPath ( worked with Orange S.A. Telecommunications corporation, and have exhibited my work, Linea (, in Milan Design Week 2018. BA Goldsmiths, University of London. PGD Royal College of Art

Don, 9 years of experience, Full-Stack Software Engineer at Previously, co-founded DishHub ( and Devitec Corp. BS and MEng University of Calgary

Who are the target audiences for this project? Collectors of art, music, collectibles, autographs and sports memorabilia, along with the derivative art community, patrons of art and creative individuals.

Why is now the right time to fund this project? What does the spending plan look like? Thanks to the new ERC6551 standard, we can create tools to foster new types of relationships between artists and collectors and collect art in ways not possible before. We are launching Binder on Oct 11th and would love the support of Doodle's community. We already have contacted the active Doodle derivative artists in the space and invited them to join, but having Scott would be another level and would help us gain traction, bring legitimacy to the platform and help maintain retention. Personally, I would love my Doodle signed and it would colour my world with joy knowing the community I am a part of is finding a tool I built useful and finds value in it.

Could you outline the plan for building awareness for this project once it is launched? We have managed to get some big names to sign up to try Binder, but if they will share to their network or find the tool valuable remains a question.

@andr3w @VinnieHager @tobylasso @halecar2 @TylerFoust13 @justfred_ar @funghibull @JulianGilliam @jascolors @ingi_erlingsson @Zeneca @sabet @sarah_ridgley @joepease

We are hoping to create a fly wheel effect through our invitation mechanism (inspired by Paypal) to bypass the cold start problem. Invitation will include offers, incentivising people to join (e.g. you have $50 waiting to be collected join Paypal to claim). The one we are most excited about is one of our collectors is going to invite his friend Refik Anadol!

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project? Binder will launch on Oct 11th!

Project Lead Additional Remarks

We would love your support! And I'd personally like my Doodles signed by Burnt Toast, Julian and Pharrell if I'm being greedy. thanks :)