Proposal Type
Custom Proposal
Project Lead

mrcookiesnft / @mrcookiesnft

Date or Duration

@November 20, 2023

Oct 23, 2023 6:59 AM
Council Feedback: Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, the scope of benefit is too limited as far as the number of holders and the need for a cash reward could not be justified.


I would like to set up a doodle-holder 10-team fantasy basketball league in order to increase engagement within the doodle community. This can be expanded to perhaps 14 teams depending on popularity. Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 28 Requested Budget (USD): 2000


Commissioner: Me - organize league and invite doodle holders to join league.


What unique benefit(s) or experience(s) does this project provide for the holders of the originals Doodles collection?

  • ability to win a cash prize for placing in the top 3.
  • commemorative nft for participating, placing in top 3 standings
  • community-only even vs other doodle holders

How might this project affect the overall value of the original Doodles collection:

  • retention - create more engagement
  • longer holding time for those participants.

How does this initiative relate to Doodles' brand identity and values? From the early days, Doodles' has always pushed for community and with this creation of the league, it can bring holders with similar interests together to participate and engage.

What aspects of this project could appeal to the Doodles community?

  • Cash Prizes
  • Commemorative NFTs
  • First Fantasy Basketball League in Doodles Community

If any, what are the projected financial outcomes of this project for Inkubator? None. Can bringsocial media visibility through updates in Twitter of league progression, which can result in people buying into doodles ecosystem.

Can you describe the team's skills, past performance and credentials? Mr. Cookies (me): participated in fantasy basketball leagues since 2013. Avid basketball fan. Currently have over 2600 twitter followers and are active in the community.

Who are the target audiences for this project? Basketball fans within the doodle community.

Why is now the right time to fund this project? What does the spending plan look like? NBA season starts October 24; however a fantasy league can still be created weeks after it does.


  • 1st Place: $700
  • 2nd Place: $400
  • 3rd Place: $200
  • Artist to create commemorative NFTs: $500-$700

Could you outline the plan for building awareness for this project once it is launched?

  • Discord Community Announcement
  • Social Media Posts
  • Doodle Holder Outreach

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project? NBA Season ends in April 2024, so usually fantasy league ends the first or second week of that month.

Project Lead Additional Remarks

  • Potentially it can be expanded to holders of other doodle digital collectibles if we cannot get at least 10 people to join (i.e.: holders of rare dooplicators).
  • Budget is flexible because of the cash prizes. definitely up to discussion
  • would like to start league before end of november