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sheckylin / @SheckyLin
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@December 3, 2023
Funding Progress


Oct 23, 2023 3:27 PM
Congratulations! Your proposal has been approved. We’re excited to see your OG Doodle event come to life in Taiwan and will be in touch regarding next steps!


The first Doodles community gathering in Taiwan during the December Taipei blockchain month, allowing local holders to get to know each other in depth and feel the vibe while potentially marketing the Doodles brand and IP for people visiting Taipei at that time. Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 40 Requested Budget (USD): 500


@SheckyLin: Very active Doodles holder in Taiwan. Doobro (Doodles CN) head collaboration manager. @kkjj2027: Founder of Doodles Taiwan community. @EasywaterTw: Active member of multiple blue-chip communities in Taiwan. @wmoon: Doobro (Doodles CN) BD/partnership. Co-founder of @damoon_lab.


What kind of community event are you organizing? community meetup

What's the name of the event? Doodles Taipei Meetup

What can you tell us about the venue and capacity? It's a conveniently located venue managed by NFT collector @Teddys99, the venue is new, has a web3 vibe, and is capable of holding around 40 people.

Could you break down the anticipated number of attendees? Include the projected percentage of attendees who will be Doodles holders. 30 max attendees with a minimum of 15 (10 holders and +1).

What is the event's run of show? Include any planned activities and entertainment. 11:30-12:00 Registration 12:00-12:30 Opening words. 12:30- 15:00 Networking, drinks, snacks

What are you hoping to accomplish through this event? The first doodles meetup in Taiwan where community members could network and have fun together, which is also very conducive to spreading the vibe on social media.

At the same time, organizing a community event during NFT Taipei helps to get more holders from around the globe to participate in inkubator powered events and increase exposure in Asia as many Web3 people would visit Taipei at that time.

Please detail the budget plan that accounts for all projected expenses to be assumed by the Inkubator, as well as any other participating parties or sponsors. Be sure to include any potential revenue sources. -Venue,Food & drinks = $400

10 Doodle Holders (+1) = 20 Attendees / $400 = $20 per Attendee for Food and Beverages

-Printing Banners and Marketing Communication = $100

What is the marketing and promotional plan to generate demand for the event? Doodles have recently launched many physical products / IRL events so it is a very good time to unite the local community members together in this friendly atmosphere.

The event is organized with the full support of Taiwanese Doodles holders. Local community members will all try to be there. We will share the event info through local messaging apps such as Line/WeChat and also globally in formal/informal channels like Doodles discord and various Twitter Doodles chat groups.

At the same time, the NFT Taipei event will bring a large number of visiting NFT collectors and project devs, a very good opportunity for all to feel the affinity and globalization of doodles.

How will registration / holder check-in be managed? Yes, via tokenproof or luma.

Please list any known third party stakeholders (if applicable). N/A

Please list any participating organizations & sponsors (if applicable). N/A

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