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@November 17, 2023

Oct 31, 2023 6:02 PM
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I would like to test the waters of a doodles themed golf brand. The commercial experiment would be for sublimated polos to start, should that prove successful I would run RFP's for a variety of other golf related items to select best in class suppliers for each category we expand to. Funding would be for materials to produce the first line of polos, with a pay back plan to the inkubator. Team Space:** On approval Days until launch: 16 Requested Budget (USD): 7800


Burry - Team lead, coordinator, marketing Cory Allen - IT/Systems wizard, marketing Josh Bricker - Sales lead Keith Alexander (Vaypor) - Design, marketing


What’s the key hypothesis your proposal tests that could bring value to the brand and holders? We're looking to see if there's a market for limited run doodle(esk) golf polos to expose the art to the golf community. We're looking to prove out a commercial B2C sales model and pending success, we'd look to expand the sales channel into golf pro-shops around the US. OG Holders would experience a token-gated discount to all products on the site with a future state being able to incorporate FLOW chain discounts.

What’s the distinct value proposition of your proposal? We're looking to spread joy to the golf community by expanding exposure of the brand while enabling the community to participate in some of the shirt designs that we will sell. I have already vetted a supplier after multiple rounds of samples that we're happy with the sizing and quality. My company Trolls Golf Club LLP already has a secured site set up with woo commerce and a plugin to token-gate ERC-271 tokens for discounts.

Can your proposal be scaled and replicated if successful? Yes. We can quickly turn sublimation polo designs and continue to engage the community (wizard ministry?) to build out designs and vote on them. Should the experiment be successful, we could repeat this process with ease as well as take the funds from the 1st inventory turn to run a larger RFP for a variety of golf related items.

Does your proposal introduce a new benefit for OG Doodles? It would introduce a 20% discount to all merch. The first 30 purchases would include a special gift. Holders would also be able to participate in the fun by being able to submit their designs to be produced and sold. Winners of the design would receive a royalty on every shirt sold in their design.

How will your proposal broaden the appeal of Doodles to new audiences? We would in essence turn customers into walking billboards and brand ambassadors by showcasing the burnt toast art style and even add Ikubator by Doodles tags to further the discussion of OG benefits. As I've personally worn some of the samples out to highly populated places (airports), I've received very good in person feedback on some of the designs.

While leveraging the Trolls Golf Club site and socials, we would also in tandem build out a full run of a sample shirt that we gave to Nick Shavi @slomoswinglibrary on IG. He would be a brand ambassador for that TGC shirt that already has demand to bring them into the site which would feature "The Burry Collection" which would be the Doodle themed merch, in turn exposing web2 folks to the other Doodle made designs.

Does your proposal have the potential to increase revenue for our holders or the Inkubator? Yes, at high level the website hosting, marketing, pack and ship would be covered by TGC. For the experiment, we would build in 50% payback of funds upon 150 shirt sales, upon sellout the remaining %50 would be be paid back to the bank but upon team review of the experiment we would request to retain those funds to put into "phase 2" expansion of the brand. Upon success, we would re-invest into "phase 2" expansion where we would build a % of sales to be deposited back into the inkubator fund.

Is your proposal structured to self-sustain its expenses? Website hosting and overhead covered until May 2024. ( Ship Station - 3mo Free Trial Free plugin for ERC - 271 authentication

Costs: Sublimated Polos w/ Tags, Custom Bag - $21/ea @300 ($6,300) Custom Outer Pack - $3/ea (500 MOQ) ($1,500)

Shipping = Customer Paid, unless order > $125 Landed Cost per unit = $26

List Price - $71 OG Discount - 20% - $56.80 Slomo Promo - 10% - $63.90 (only on OG TGC shirt)

If successful, do you plan to move your project to the Inkubation stage? That would be the intent. We would love to leverage the team's knowledgebase as well as have the monetary support to run RFP's that include manufactures of some of the highest end apparel in the golf sector. I run RFP's for my day job so I would look to leverage that skillset with the supplier cheat codes provided by @landforce on IG to back into the best suppliers that require larger MOQ's for orders.

Project Lead Additional Remarks

Long term vision for the company would be two-fold. Limited Run, Token-Gated Discount/Access to merch capsules to holders via B2C as well as expansion into select partner Pro Shops that would have access to token gated merch.

The team backing this effort is well equipped to deliver an executable product to market. We also have good relationships with folks in the golf industry and at private country clubs. Should this take off and there starts to form a sub community of doodles that golf, we could re-leverage our previous relationships to level up golf access for OG holders. As the details would need to be worked out, we would essentially be able to acquire X amount of greens fee's at a private network of country clubs in which you would normally require a hefty initiation fee to get into.

While it's fun to dream big, we want to start small and execute well before we make the jump into the "big leagues" with an expanded line of products. We also want the community involvement as a pillar allowing for artists to submit their designs and have them come to life with a design bounty or royalty in place as a reward for their work.

Long story short, we're hungry to build and we've got the infrastructure 95% built and a vetted supplier. **I can send some samples to the team