Proposal Type
Custom Proposal
Project Lead

artdood / @artdood_eth

Date or Duration

@November 13, 2023

Nov 6, 2023 10:24 PM
Result: This proposal has been rejected. Reason: The council would prefer to have this as a RFP that would invite all of our community artists to apply for the role.


Part-Time Community Artist: I will create graphics for Inkubator proposals (events, businesses, etc.), build and distribute custom pfp templates for OG holders, and help to ensure all proposals stay on brand. Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 6 Requested Budget (USD): 8000


I will be the sole designer on this team, although I do believe I could bring on other community artists in the future if this proves to be successful.


What unique benefit(s) or experience(s) does this project provide for the holders of the originals Doodles collection? This will benefit holders partaking in an Inkubator proposal directly by helping them create on-brand graphics for their event or business. For holders that are not involved in Inkubator proposals, I will also be creating templates that will be custom to their PFPs that they can share on social media.

How might this project affect the overall value of the original Doodles collection: This project will not only increase the quantity of Doodles content on Twitter, Instagram, Discord,etc. but it will also increase the quality of Doodles content. Consistent activity helps show non-holders that the community is active (and ideally happy). The more non-holders that want to enter the Doodles ecosystem, the higher the value of the original collection. This will also help make the Inkubator events/businesses look more professional and that if you join Doodles you will have opportunities to get custom designs of your PFP.

How does this initiative relate to Doodles' brand identity and values? I believe this initiative relates more to Doodles' brand identity and values than any other initiative could. I will be following the the branding guidelines accurately while also coloring our timelines with joy.

What aspects of this project could appeal to the Doodles community? This project will appeal to the Doodles community by supporting graphics needs for proposals along with creating free PFP templates for holders. I will also be a resource for any questions about branding. I also have a large bank of Doodles graphics I have created over the past year that can be reused.

If any, what are the projected financial outcomes of this project for Inkubator? At this stage of my proposal there will be no direct financial outcomes of this project for the Inkubator but I do believe I will be helping other Inkubator proposals succeed which will indirectly financially help the Inkubator.

Can you describe the team's skills, past performance and credentials? I was the Artist-In-Residence with Doodles for two months. During my time as AIR, I worked directly with multiple team members. I studied the branding guidelines and was trained on creating Doodles characters and other assets from scratch. Before AIR, I spent over a year designing Doodles fan art/ commissioned artwork for the community. During this year, I won the Tri-Wizzy Tournament for the Motion, while also finishing in the top 3 for Design. To enter this tournament, I had to be voted on by Doodles holders, and then team members judged the winners. I believe this proves that I am trusted by both the community and the team.

Who are the target audiences for this project? The target audience for this project is mostly OG Doodles holders but I do believe that it could help draw interest from people outside of our community.

Why is now the right time to fund this project? What does the spending plan look like? Now is a good time for this proposal because I believe I can use the skills I learned as Artist-In-Residence to help bring Inkubator proposals to life. I also think there are a lot of proposals that need design help. Having a consistent artist that has been approved by the team will help the creators of these proposals.

Could you outline the plan for building awareness for this project once it is launched? I have already talked to members of the Doodles team, council, and the community about this idea. If it is approved, I will share it on Twitter and Discord, and ask other Doods to help amplify it from their accounts.

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project? My projected timeline is two months (20 hours/week).

Project Lead Additional Remarks

I would like to first thank the council for everything they have done during your first term. Being the first to do a job like this can be hard because you do not have much to base it off of. This leads to a lot of trial and error (not to mention you are doing it all under a microscope). Secondly, I want to thank you for reading through this whole proposal. I hope you agree that this is an area that I could help with. This community means a lot to me and I want to help out where I can.