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Nir Kouris
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Colorful Vibes: Joyful Gathering
Mar 19, 2024 7:06 PM
Result: This proposal has been rejected. Next steps: Youngsun has provided Nir with the feedback and he has been invited to resubmit.


Submitted By:

Nir Kouris






Ignacio Agramont - Project Manager


Name of Event:

Colorful Vibes: Joyful Gathering

Event Date:


Event Type:

Community Meetup (host in-person get-togethers or activities for the community)

Event One-Liner:

Unite for art and innovation at our Doodles Rooftop Event, May 29th!

Event Cost:



Event Description:

A side event during NFC Conference. (

Event Description: Join us for an evening of creativity and connection at the WeWork Alexandre Herculano Rooftop. This event, on Wednesday, May 29th, brings together Doodles holders and their guests for networking and inspiration.

Audience: Designed for Doodles holders and enthusiasts, this event welcomes individuals interested in exploring the world of NFTs and digital art.

Purpose: Celebrate creativity and forge new connections within the Doodles community. Engage in discussions, share insights, and discover the potential of blockchain technology in art.

Details: - Date & Time: Wednesday, May 29th, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Location: WeWork Alexandre Herculano Rooftop - Attendance Limit:** 100 guests, including +1 companions - Equipment: Complimentary microphone and speaker setup provided.

Event Location:

WeWork Alexandre Herculano Rooftop

Venue Description:

Venue Name: WeWork Alexandre Herculano Rooftop

Location: R. Alexandre Herculano 50, Lisbon, Lisbon 1250-011

Features: - Breathtaking Views: Enjoy panoramic vistas of the cityscape, providing a picturesque backdrop for any event. - Laid-back Ambiance: The rooftop exudes a relaxed atmosphere, creating an inviting space for guests to mingle and socialize. - Versatile Layout: With adaptable seating arrangements and ample open space, the venue can accommodate a variety of event formats and activities. - Modern Amenities: Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, including a sound system and lighting options, to enhance the event experience. - Outdoor Space: Guests can step outside onto the rooftop terrace to take in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine while enjoying the views. - Convenient Location: Located within close proximity to the NFC Lisbon Conference venue, making it easily accessible for attendees.

Capacity: - The venue has a maximum capacity of 100 guests, ensuring an intimate yet lively atmosphere for gatherings.

Event Schedule:

6:30-7:00 PM Registration 7:00-7:30 PM Opening words by Nir and Doodles team member (Doodles Confirmed Speaker), possibly Julian if he decide to join. 8:00- 10:00 PM Networking, drinks, snacks


Registration Process:

Yes via eventbrite with a special code.

Expected Registrants:

100 max attendees with a minimum of 60 (30 holders and +1).

Detailed Budget:

Venue: 5.000$ Food and Cocktail: 5.000$ Extras: Banners, Rollup banners, decoration & others: 350$ Total: 10.350$ * Price does not include flights and accommodations TBD.


Marketing Plan:

My Marketing Plan for Colorful Vibes - Joyful Gathering

Before the Event: - I'll use Social Media to engage our audience with event teasers and visuals, encouraging interaction with our unique hashtag. - Through Email Marketing, I'll send out personalized invitations and reminders, emphasizing the exceptional experience awaiting attendees. - I'll forge Collaborations with local influencers and organizations to extend our event's reach and credibility. - To build anticipation, I'll craft compelling Content, including blog posts and articles, positioning our event as a must-attend gathering.

During the Event: - I'll provide Live Social Media updates, offering real-time insights and encouraging attendee engagement. - Designing Interactive Experiences, I'll create stations that invite attendees to participate and share their experiences. - I'll ensure that our Branding & Merchandise reflect the event's colorful theme, serving as memorable souvenirs for attendees. - Facilitating Networking sessions, I'll create opportunities for attendees to connect and build relationships.

After the Event: - I'll share a Post-Event Recap across our social media channels and email newsletters, highlighting the event's success. - Encouraging User-Generated Content, I'll prompt attendees to share their favorite moments using our event hashtag. - Through Feedback & Surveys, I'll gather insights for future event improvements, ensuring continued success. - To maintain momentum, I'll continue Engaging our community, keeping them informed about upcoming events and initiatives.

Creative Assets: - I'll develop a vibrant Event Logo & Branding that captures the essence of our colorful theme. - Crafting visually captivating Promotional Graphics, I'll create posters and digital flyers to spread the word. - To build excitement, I'll produce Teaser Videos showcasing event highlights and unique experiences. - Creating colorful Merchandise Designs, I'll design items featuring our event logo to serve as both promotional tools and keepsakes for attendees.


Colorful Banners and Signage: - I'll place vibrant banners and signage featuring the event logo throughout the venue for guidance and aesthetic enhancement.

Branded Merchandise: We will offer event-themed merchandise like t-shirts and stickers, serving as souvenirs and promotional items.

Creative Asset Drafts: - Banner Design: A draft showcasing the event logo and vibrant colors for banners and signage. - Merchandise Designs: Drafts of event-themed merchandise designs.

Content Capture:

We will hire a video team with full editing for the show real after movie


Insurance: Third party insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

WeWork Lisbon

Extra Details:

Will be disscuss in details on the call regarding the event and NFC Conference in Lisbon this is an amazing opportunity for Doodles community.