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doodlegeddy / Doodlegeddy

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@October 31, 2023

Aug 21, 2023 7:03 PM
Not a community event. You’re invited to resubmit when custom proposals open.


Vintage Doodles NFT collection. A collection of Doodles in a vintage style, mainly focused on music. Collection size is open, could go as low as 100 or as high as 10,000 It’s a fun collection, no utility or anything, just art for pfps or anything else people want to use it for. Two options for minting: - Free mint no royalties, all allocation to Doodles holders. - Mint price 0.0025, no royalties with all the allocation going to Doodles holders. I would take 0.001 per mint, doodlebank would receive 0.0015 per mint.

Team Space: On approval Days until launch: 109 Requested Budget (USD): 0


One team member, me. I’m creating all the art but I could use assistance in launching the collection as I’m not the best with the code side of things.


What kind of community event are you organizing? other

What's the name of the event? Vintage Doodles

What can you tell us about the venue and capacity? No venue. Capacity would be the collection size.

Could you break down the anticipated number of attendees? Include the projected percentage of attendees who will be Doodles holders. 100-10,000 - 90%+

What is the event's run of show? Include any planned activities and entertainment. Mint, reveal

What are you hoping to accomplish through this event? Create 100 - 10,000 fun and unique doodles for people to use however they like.

Please detail the budget plan that accounts for all projected expenses to be assumed by the Inkubator, as well as any other participating parties or sponsors. Be sure to include any potential revenue sources. No expenses, I will pay to launch the collection myself. Could do with a hand on the technical side of things though if possible.

Revenue source from the mint would be either 25 eth or 0 eth depending on which minting path the community decides to take. If we go for the paid mint, the doodlebank would receive 15 eth and I would receive 10 eth.

What is the marketing and promotional plan to generate demand for the event? Not much of a plan, just thinking I’ll post some art generations on twitter and see what people think.

How will registration / holder check-in be managed? N/a

Please list any known third party stakeholders (if applicable). N/a

Please list any participating organizations & sponsors (if applicable). N/a

Project Lead Additional Remarks

This is my first time doing something like this, I think the art is super cool. It’s doodles art but with a twist. The main goal is for people to like the art, 10 eth would be nice too.