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Nir Kouris
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Coloring the Future in the Middle East: A Digital Experience
In Review
Apr 2, 2024 5:23 PM


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Nir Kouris






Nir Kouris - Main Organizer Ignacio Agramont - Event Manager


Name of Event:

Coloring the Future in the Middle East: A Digital Experience

Event Date:


Event Type:

Community Meetup (host in-person get-togethers or activities for the community)

Event One-Liner:

Coloring the Future: Where art and tech converge in Dubai at our Doodles Community Event, April 17th!

Event Cost:



Event Description:

Join us at the first time Doodles is coming to Dubai and join a new immersive experience diving into the Doodles world during the Token2049 Blockchain Event at a very unique location in Dubai.

Token2049 is the major Blockchain event of the year where all the Blockchain players and Web3 Communities are coming together, including the NAS Summit for Creators.

Audience: We plan to invite the OG Holders and creators who come to the NAS summit and are in Dubai. The audience is web3 communities , NFT holders but first Doodle Holders.

Event Location:

The Verse Estate Dubai - Unit 15, Al Serkal Avenue - 8 B St - Dubai

Venue Description:

Verse Estate is a VR technology company headquartered in Dubai providing metaverse solutions (consumer metaverse/ enterprise metaverse/industrial metaverse). Unlike gaming metaverses, Verse Estate is focused on hyper realistic designs.

Verse Estate’s high-tech 6000 sq. ft. showroom at the heart of Dubai in AlSerkal Avenue is open to visitors. The showroom of Verse Estate is equipped with the biggest 3D scanning studio in the world, VR Table, VR Technology to try out, and a racing simulator.

Verse max capacity is 80 people

Event Schedule:

The planned schedule starts from 6:30PM to 10PM

6:30 - 7:00 PM Registration 7:00 - 7:30 PM Opening words by Nir. 7:30 - 10:00 PM Activities, networking, special crafted drinks and snacks named after Doodle figures and theme


Registration Process:

Eventbrite with wallet verify the Holders

Expected Registrants:

70 max attendees with a minimum of 50 (25 holders and +1).

Detailed Budget:

Venue: 5.000$

Food (Bits & Bites like cookies, mixed selections): 1.750$ (25$ for 70 attendees)

Beautiful Crafted Cocktails: 2.450$ (35$ for 70 attendees)

Extras: Decoration (Screens showing Doodles Art), Rollup Banners and Giveaway items (Doodles Toasties, Doodle Official Merch and Shirts): 500$

Total: 9.700$


Marketing Plan:

Before the Event:

  • Utilize Social Media for event teasers and visuals, engaging the audience.
  • Implement Email Marketing for personalized invitations and reminders, emphasizing the exceptional experience awaiting attendees.
  • Craft compelling Content, including blog posts and articles, positioning our event as a must-attend gathering.

During the Event:

  • Provide Live Social Media updates for real-time insights and attendee engagement.
  • Design Interactive Experiences to encourage participation and sharing.
  • Ensure cohesive Branding & Merchandise reflecting the event's colorful theme.
  • Facilitate Networking sessions to foster connections among attendees.

After the Event:

  • Share a Post-Event Recap across social media and email newsletters, highlighting the event's success.
  • Gather Feedback for insights into future event improvements.
  • Maintain momentum by Engaging our community with updates on upcoming events and initiatives.
  • Materials:

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    Third Party Insurance:

    Extra Details:

  • Apple Vision Pro station with Demos as Stoodio live making a doodle.
  • Tour at the web3 space with activations such as 3D Scanners, doodles art on the screens.
  • Giveaways, things like the local RTFKT gathering did in Singapore with prizes like Doodles official merch, Doodles toasties, etc.
  • Token 2049 has gatherings of other communities like pudgy penguins, Rtfkt , and - Doodles must be there to also attract others and that’s why I picked these locations and venues near the main conference areas.
  • Designing the place and giveaways are super important to make it feel like a home for the community and not just another event space.

Doodlers holders +1 will came to an event doodle themed, full with colorful doodles art, discuss about the community and an IRL Event we will also have giveaways as Doodles Gifts (Doodle Toasties, POAP Station), we will have a DJ and we’ll share stories about our Web3 journey so far and ideas for the future, we will also invite Token2049 speakers to join us at this special event.