Proposal Type
Project Lead
Date or Duration
2 years
Proposal Name
Art Cook
Apr 14, 2024 9:12 PM


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just me


Name of Experiment:

Art Cook

Experiment Duration:

2 years

Experiment Type:


Experiment One-Liner:

Seeking funding to acquire advanced technology for creating digital art to promote and elevate the Doodles brand

Experiment Cost:



Experiment Description:

The experiment aims at providing me with the necessary equipment to enhance my artistic skills to produce high-quality doodles fanarts, that can be used for commercial experiments, a possible community hub, banners, derivs, etc. It's intended audience is social media. Fanarts are meant to create awareness for the brand beyond the inner circle of the community.

Experiment Success:

measurements could be tracked based on number of pieces provided in a specified timeframe. It could also be measured by looking at tweet analytics, such as likes, views, etc.

Experiment Product:

I want to be able to create designs, animations, websites, etc. that meet a certain quality standard. You know my work and I think I still have a lot more potential but unfortunately not the technical equipment to unfold them.

Product Distribution:

X (Twitter) Instagram Whatsapp IRL (Stickers, Flyers at various locations in Germany) website (when finished)


OG Holder Participation:

OG Holders would benefit through having a go-to artist for derivs, wallpapers, new banner designs, etc., but also for inkubated projects like events (flyer and sticker design) or brands (logo and website design)




By acquiring advanced digital equipment to create high-quality digital art, this experiment can enhance the Doodles brand's visibility and appeal, attract new audiences and further expand the brand’s market presence.


The experiment is self-sustainable as it equips me to create high-value digital art that boosts the Doodles brand

Future Inkubation:

This project can be scaled through improvement in design and artistic skills. It can be scaled by combining it with my online course tutorials, enabling even more community members to create wonderful doodles art

Detailed Budget:

Mac Studio

  • Price:** $6,673.32 (including a copyright fee of $11.39)

AppleCare+ for Mac Studio (M2)

  • Price:** $193.32
  • Description: Up to three years of technical support and accidental damage protection.
  • Includes 19% insurance tax.

Studio Display – Standard Glass with Adjustable Tilt and Height Stand

  • Price: $2,385.72

AppleCare+ for Studio Display

  • Price: $150.12
  • Description: Up to three years of technical support and accidental damage protection.
  • Includes 19% insurance tax.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad for Mac Models with Apple Chip – English (USA) – Black Keys

  • Price: $221.40

Magic Mouse – Black Multi-Touch Surface

  • Price:** $117.72

Subtotal: $9,421.68

  • Shipping: FREE
  • Total: $9,421.68 (including VAT of $1,500.58)

Note: These translations and conversions are based on general descriptions and an example exchange rate; actual prices may vary slightly based on the exact current exchange rate.


Marketing Plan:

The experiment doesn't require any direct marketing.


Just super fun doodles art enabling OG holders to create something amazing, leveraging their IP rights perhaps



Own insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Extra Details:

I believe that doodles thrives because of its one of a kind community. There are individuals in the community that work more hours on spreading awareness for the brand than at their real job! I consider myself one of them. With this proposal I'm asking for your support by acknowledging my work and dedication to the brand and enabling me to push my own boundaries even further and therefore the brand! Additionally, I want to spread awareness on mental health issues and I strongly believe that BT's unique style has the ability to express our emotional state. This support of raising awareness of mental health issues corresponds to the Zeitgeist and is great PR for the doodles also.