Proposal Type
Project Lead

MetaMat / Matimio

Date or Duration

1.5 months (starting from the proposal submission date). Two weeks for engagement design and coordination with Doodles team members. Two weeks for survey and engagement of the Doodles community. One week for draft reporting. One week for incorporating feedback and report finalization.

Proposal Name

Community Pulse Engagement

Not started
May 18, 2024 12:21 PM


Submitted By:

MetaMat / Matimio






  • Project Lead: Mathew Markman, CEO Ethelo - Expertise in community engagement and governance design. Former DAO Facilitation Team Lead at Decentraland DAO; Co-Creator and Lead Operator of Big Green DAO; Governance Lead at Future DAO.
  • Engagement Analyst: Ahmed Lelamo, Experienced in Ethelo platform configuration and engagement design, community engagement, and third party monitoring, evaluation, and applied research.


Name of Experiment:

Community Pulse Engagement

Experiment Duration:

1.5 months (starting from the proposal submission date). Two weeks for engagement design and coordination with Doodles team members. Two weeks for survey and engagement of the Doodles community. One week for draft reporting. One week for incorporating feedback and report finalization.

Experiment Type:

Digital Products (e.g. online courses, art, etc.)

Experiment One-Liner:

Keep your finger on the pulse of the Doodles community, driving better decision-making and enhanced community engagement!

Experiment Cost:



Experiment Description:

The “Community Pulse Engagement” is designed to survey the sentiment, preferences and priorities of the Doodles community, using the Ethelo platform. By leveraging Ethelo's expertise in community engagement and decision-making, this survey will provide valuable insights that can guide development and expansion of the Doodles ecosystem. This will be achieved through a comprehensive survey and multi-criteria voting, which will provide valuable insights to improve project decision-making and community satisfaction. The intended audience includes all Doodles community members and OG holders as well as Doodles team members.

The Community Pulse will consist of a series of carefully crafted questions covering various aspects of the Doodles ecosystem. The Engagement will be hosted on Ethelo's platform, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for participants. Key features include:

  • Criteria weighting of strategic priorities
  • Multi-attribute analysis and multi-variable results: approval, support, and consensus scores
  • Real-time analytics and visualization of results
  • Final report establishing baseline participation and perception metrics

Ethelo, recognized as the World's Best for Governance and the #1 Digital Democracy Tool, is a pioneering community intelligence and participatory decision-making platform. Unlike standard opinion polls and perception surveys, Ethelo's platform leverages an advanced and patented engine to facilitate consensus-building and strategic planning, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. With 12 years of dedicated public sector service, Ethelo has engaged over 250K stakeholders and worked with 400 organizations, 150 cities, and numerous Canadian federal agencies, including Environment Canada, Public Works Canada, Elections Canada, Infrastructure Canada, and the Canadian House of Commons. Our solutions have been used in the allocation and evaluation of over $10B in budgets and $150M in grants by local municipalities and non-profit organizations.

Experiment Success:

Success will be measured by:

  • Sample Size: Achieving a sample size representing at 5-10% of the Doodles community.
  • Engagement Metrics: Number of comments, likes, and shares on survey announcements.
  • Feedback Quality: Quality and depth of insights gathered from open-ended survey questions
  • KPIs: Community satisfaction score, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and actionable insights for future experiments.
  • Stakeholder Usefulness: Qualitative feedback from Doodle Team Members and Employees on the usefulness of the engagement results
  • Improved Satisfaction Scores: If successful, the community pulse is designed to be deployed quarterly, three times a year, with a broader impact engagement held at the year’s end.
  • Experiment Product:

Ethelo' engine specifically assesses four primary metrics:

  • Approval Score: Percentage of respondents who gave a positive vote rather than a neutral or negative vote. Approval above 50% is considered a traditional "majority."
  • Support Score: The average value of the votes, where the value of a totally opposing vote is 0 and a totally supportive vote is 100.
  • Consensus Score: A measure of the overall strength of the decision, considering both support (higher is better) and conflict (lower is better).
  • Conflict Score: A measure of the level of disagreement within a group. Higher conflict scores represent internal resistance and risk of failure.

The engagement also includes traditional opinion poll and perception survey questions on key topics that will be developed in coordination with the Doodle’s team, or determined by consultation with community members. Results of the engagement are visible and updated in real-time, and participants have the option to review and revise their responses during the entire survey period.

A demo of a Community Pulse deployed for Decentraland DAO can be found here:

An example of a final report for Decentraland DAO can be found here:

A demo of a Community Pulse designed and deployed for Sui Blockchain can be found here:

An example of a final report drafted for Sui Blockchain can be found here:

Product Distribution:

The Community Pulse Engagement will be hosted on Ethelo’s platform, and token-gated to Doodles asset holders. The engagement will be publicized via Doodles Discord server, social media channels, and other relevant outlets.

For example:


OG Holder Participation:

OG Holders can participate by completing surveys, providing feedback, and promoting survey participation within the community. If desirable, participation could be restricted to OG holders, or OG holder votes/responses, could be weighted differently than other Doodle’s asset classes.


Ethelo Engagement Platform Tokengating restricting participation to only those Doodles assets


This experiment will not generate direct revenue but will provide valuable data to inform future revenue-generating projects.


The experiment itself is not designed to be self-sustainable. However, the insights gained can lead to more sustainable and profitable projects in the future, and the process can catalyze a more active, engaged and satisfied community. In the future it is possible to adapt the Community Pulse into a persistent framework, that is always accessible, and changes in sentiment can be measured similar to conviction style voting.

Future Inkubation:

If successful, this experiment can be scaled to include regular Community Pulse engagements, creating an ongoing feedback loop to continuously improve Doodles programming. Additionally it can be adapted to serve as an evaluation tool for Inkubator projects or the Inkubator as a whole. The Community Pulse process as a whole is designed to be deployed on a quarterly basis, tri-annually, with an end of the year report assessing broader project impact.

Detailed Budget:

Platform single-use license: $1,500 Engagement design, platform configuration, deployment, & monitoring: $6,000 Data Analysis & Reporting: $2,000 Marketing & Promotion: $1,500 Staff & Administrative Costs: $2,500


Marketing Plan:

Pre-launch: Announcements and teasers on Discord and social media. During launch: Regular updates, reminders, and engagement posts to encourage participation. Post-launch: Sharing results and thanking the community for their participation.


Engagement template for future use Marketing materials (infographics, social media graphics) Real time data analytics Final report with visualized data and insights



Third party insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Can provide in advance of project deployment.

Extra Details:

The Community Pulse experiment aligns with the Doodles Inkubator's mission to foster innovation and community engagement. It will help ensure that the community's voice is heard and Doodle’s team members have access to the best possible information to make informed decisions. The Community Pulse has successfully been deployed and very well received for Decentraland DAO, as well as Sui Blockchain. Ethelo has additionally been used by Arbitrum DAO to develop community strategic priorities, community-developed grant program evaluation criteria, and to evaluate Arbitrum DAO grant programs using these criteria.