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Project Lead

Thibault - @parisiandoodle

Date or Duration

3 months

Proposal Name

Flask - Paris

In Review
May 30, 2024 8:31 PM


Submitted By:

Thibault - @parisiandoodle




thepeng_ / Parisian Doodle


Parisian Doodle - Founder

Professional Experience:

Product Discovery Mission for Wineries: Conducted comprehensive product discovery missions for the top 3 wineries in France, identifying key opportunities and innovative strategies to enhance their market presence.

Web3 Product Manager (Head of Product & CPO): Over six years of experience leading B2B and B2C product development, driving innovation and growth in the Web3 space.

Luxury Logistics Project Manager, Kering Group: Successfully managed high-stakes logistics projects for one of the world's leading luxury groups, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service.

Worldwide Logistics Freight Forwarder Data Manager: Oversaw global logistics data management, optimizing freight forwarding processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Production Line Manager, LVMH Group (Perfume Division): Spearheaded the global launch of "Mon Guerlain" fragrance, orchestrating production and distribution to achieve a successful worldwide rollout.


Name of Experiment:

Flask - Paris

Experiment Duration:

3 months

Experiment Type:

Sale of Physical Goods (e.g. selling physical products online or in-person)

Experiment One-Liner:

Launching a unique French Wine Tasting Box with a companion app, tailored for the doodle community to enhance wine culture and community engagement.

Experiment Cost:



Experiment Description:

We propose launching a French Wine Tasting Box designed specifically for the doodle community. This innovative product will feature premium French wines packaged in convenient wine tubes, paired with a companion app that guides users through their wine tasting journey. The target audience includes members of the doodle community, but no only, we will also target wine enthusiasts who seek unique and interactive tasting experiences. The purpose of this experiment is to introduce a novel product that promotes French wine culture, engages the community, and expands the Inkubator & Flask Paris brand's reach.

Experiment Success:

Success for this experiment will be measured through several key performance indicators (KPIs):

Sales Volume: Number of Wine Tasting Boxes sold.

User Engagement: Active usage rates of the companion app and participation in wine tasting events.

Customer Feedback: Positive reviews and feedback collected through surveys and app ratings.

Community Growth: Increase in doodle community members & general public participating in the wine tasting experience.

Brand Reach: Social media mentions, shares, and overall digital presence growth.

Sustainability Metrics: Reduction in packaging waste and positive reception of environmentally friendly packaging.

Experiment Product:

The product proposed is a French Wine Tasting Box, specifically curated for the doodle community. It includes a selection of premium French wines in wine tubes, offering a convenient and elegant tasting experience. The companion app provides users with interactive wine tasting guidance, enhancing their overall experience.

Below are the features:

Premium French wines in wine tubes.

Environmentally friendly packaging.

A companion app with interactive tasting guidance.

Educational content about French wine culture.

(pls see the image attached)

Stickers 1 and 2, the QR code insert, and the companion app will be designed by an artist from the doodle community to offer a unique product tailored for the community, in alignment with the design guidelines specified on the Inkubator website.

Extensive efforts have been made to select suppliers and other partners, ensuring the feasibility of this project. The objective of this grant is to ensure its success.

Product Distribution:

The distribution channels for the French Wine Tasting Box will include:

E-commerce Platforms: Selling directly through our website and other online marketplaces with worldwide delivery.

Community Events: Promoting and selling the product at doodle community gatherings and wine tasting events.

Social Media Campaigns: Utilizing targeted advertising on social media platforms to reach the doodle community and general wine enthusiasts.

Next : retail Partnerships. Collaborating with select wine shops and luxury retailers.


OG Holder Participation:

The e-commerce platform will first be tokengated (and then publicly available) and boxes will be shipped worldwide


Our French Wine Tasting Box project relies on several third-party dependencies to ensure a seamless and high-quality experience:

WineTube Supplier: A supplier has been selected after a thorough market study. I have personally met with them to confirm their capability to meet our requirements. We will sign a contract to ensure smooth and worldwide delivery.

Tokengating (Tokenproof): Integration with the doodle community's existing tokengating system will provide exclusive access for community members.

App Hosting (TBD): Dependable hosting services will be utilized for the companion app to guarantee a seamless and continuous user experience.

E-Commerce Hosting(Shopify): Robust hosting services will be leveraged for the e-commerce platform to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience.


Product Sales: Direct sales of the French Wine Tasting Boxes to the doodle community and wine enthusiasts.


The experiment has the potential to be self-sustainable due to its revenue-generating components:

Initial Revenue Streams: The product sales provide immediate revenue.

Scalable Business Model: As the product gains popularity, economies of scale in production and distribution will improve profitability, to conduct more project for the doodle community with no cost for the Inkubator

Community Engagement: Strong community engagement and feedback loops will drive continuous improvement and repeat purchases.

Future Potential: As we expand our product offerings and enhance the app features, we anticipate increased user retention and revenue growth, further supporting self-sustainability.

The objective of this submission is to decrease the risk for this launch, if this is a success, it will be easy to create new and better products

Future Inkubation:

Future Inkubation If successful, describe whether you are prepared to further scale the proposed experiment. Elaborate on how it can be scaled.

Product Line Expansion: Introduce new varieties of wine tasting boxes, including themed selections or seasonal offerings, to attract a broader audience.

Enhanced App Features: Continuously update the companion app with new features, such as virtual reality wine tours, AI-based personalized recommendations, and social features to connect users.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Form strategic partnerships with more wineries, luxury brands, and event organizers to broaden our reach and product offerings.

Community Growth: Invest in marketing and community-building activities to grow the doodle community and increase product adoption.

Detailed Budget:

As explained before, extensive efforts have been made to select suppliers and other partners, ensuring the feasibility of this project. The objective of this grant is to ensure its success.

The objective of this proposal is to collaborate with Inkubator to bring this project to life for the doodle community. Consequently, the budget focuses primarily on customized elements and launch-related expenses. All other costs will be covered by the company’s business plan, so no additional budget is needed for those aspects.

  1. Product Development

Companion App Development: Specific App Design: $3,000 App Development: $0 (To be done by me) Subtotal: $3,000

  1. Marketing and Promotion

Pre-Launch Campaigns: Brochures, Posters, Digital Banners: $2,000 Social Media Teasers and Ads: $2,500 Influencer Partnerships: $5,000

Launch Campaigns: Social Media Blitz: $3,000 Live Tasting Events: $4,000 Content Creation (Blog Posts, Videos): $2,500

Post-Launch Campaigns: User-Generated Content Promotion: $2,500

Subtotal: $21,500

  1. Distribution and Logistics

E-Commerce Platform: Setup and Maintenance: $2,000 Hosting Services: $500 Shipping and Handling: Will be paid by the customer, any possibility for the Inkubator to support this? Subtotal: $3,500

  1. Miscellaneous and Contingency

Contingency Fund (10% of total budget): $2,700 Subtotal: $2,700

Total Budget Product Development: $3,000 Marketing and Promotion: $21,500 Distribution and Logistics: $3,500 Miscellaneous and Contingency: $2,800

Total Estimated Budget: $29,700

The primary focus of Inkubator’s support is on marketing and communication efforts to ensure that the entire community, and beyond, is aware of this product. I will personally manage the majority of other aspects.


Marketing Plan:

To effectively market the French Wine Tasting Box, we will implement a comprehensive marketing plan that spans before, during, and after the product launch.

Before Launch:

Teaser Campaigns: Create teaser content on social media platforms to generate buzz and anticipation. This will include sneak peeks of the wine box design, wine selection process, and the companion app interface.

Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with influential figures in the wine and doodle communities to promote the upcoming product through posts, stories, and live sessions.

During Launch:

Social Media Blitz: Utilize all social media channels to announce the product launch, featuring high-quality images and videos showcasing the wine tasting box and the companion app.

Live Tasting Events: Host virtual and in-person wine tasting events to demonstrate the product and engage directly with the community.

Community Engagement: Actively engage with the doodle community through forums, chat groups, and social media, encouraging users to share their experiences and feedback.

Content Marketing: Publish blog posts and articles on wine culture, the story behind the French Wine Tasting Box, and user testimonials to build a deeper connection with the audience.

After Launch:

Customer Feedback: Collect and analyze customer feedback through surveys and app reviews to make continuous improvements.

Retention Campaigns: Implement loyalty programs and offer special discounts for repeat purchases to encourage long-term engagement.

User-Generated Content: Encourage customers to share their tasting experiences on social media, featuring their content on our platforms to build community trust and authenticity.

Ongoing Promotions: Run seasonal promotions and themed tasting events to maintain interest and drive sales.


In addition to the French Wine Tasting Box, we plan to create several complementary products and assets:

Educational Content: Develop a series of educational videos and articles on French wine regions, grape varieties, and tasting techniques to be featured in the companion app and on our website.

Merchandise: Design branded merchandise such as wine glasses, bottle openers, and tasting journals to enhance the overall user experience and promote brand loyalty.

Event Kits: Create special event kits for virtual and in-person wine tasting events, including wine pairing guides, tasting mats, and exclusive access to live sessions with wine experts.

Marketing Collateral: Develop high-quality marketing materials such as brochures, posters, and digital banners to support promotional activities across various channels.

Interactive Features in the App: Introduce interactive features in the companion app, such as quizzes, tasting notes sharing, and a community leaderboard to foster engagement and competition.



Own insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Extra Details:

Here are some additional details:

Sustainability Commitment: We are committed to using eco-friendly packaging materials and sustainable sourcing practices for all our products, aligning with modern environmental standards.

Partnerships: We have established preliminary partnerships with top French wineries and sustainable packaging suppliers to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards.

Scalability: The modular design of our wine tasting boxes and the flexible architecture of the companion app allow for easy scalability and customization, enabling us to quickly adapt to market trends and community preferences.

Community-Centric Approach: Our project is deeply rooted in the doodle community, with a focus on fostering meaningful connections and interactive experiences. We will continuously seek feedback and involve community members in the product development process to ensure their needs and expectations are met.

Here is a first version of the agenda :

  1. Inkubator Proposal Submission (01-15/06/2024) 01-15/06/2024: Submit the proposal to the Inkubator. Ensure all required documents and information are included.
  2. Design Phase (07-08/2024) 01-07/2024: Kick-off meeting with the design team (already contacted & selected) to outline project goals and deliverables. 01-07/2024 - 07-07/2024: Conduct market research to understand the preferences of the doodle community and gather insights on current wine tasting trends. 08-07/2024 - 21-07/2024: Develop initial app interface concepts. 22-07/2024 - 31-07/2024: Review and refine product concepts based on feedback from stakeholders. 01-08/2024 - 15-08/2024: Finalize product & platform design and app interface. Prepare prototypes for testing. 16-08/2024 - 31-08/2024: Conduct user testing with a select group of doodle community members to gather feedback on the prototypes.
  3. Product Development and Preparation (07-08/2024) 01-07/2024 - 31-08/2024: Finalize production of the French Wine Tasting Boxes, ensuring all quality control measures are met. 01-08/2024 - 31-08/2024: Develop the companion app, including interactive wine tasting guidance and educational content. Begin app beta testing. 01-08/2024 - 31-08/2024: Create marketing materials and plan promotional strategies, including social media campaigns and community events.
  4. Product Launch Preparation (09/2024) 01-09/2024 - 07-09/2024: Distribute product samples to influencers and key members of the doodle community for initial feedback and promotion. 07-09/2024 - 15-09/2024: Execute a soft launch, making the product available to a limited audience 15-09/2024 - 30-09/2024: Full product launch with a comprehensive marketing campaign, leveraging social media, community events, and e-commerce platforms.