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Nir Kouris

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Joyful Paddle Playoff

Jun 12, 2024 5:41 PM
Result: This proposal has been rejected. Reason: The council had concerns in regards to the budget as well as a couple of other things which have been shared with Nir.


Submitted By:

Nir Kouris






Nir Kouris, Event Organiser Ignasio - Project Manager


Name of Event:

Joyful Paddle Playoff

Event Date:


Event Type:

Community Meetup (host in-person get-togethers or activities for the community)

Event One-Liner:

Join us for the Joyful Paddle Playoff, a thrilling Doodles Day paddle tournament in Miami with friendly competition, great prizes, and community spirit!

Event Cost:



Event Description:

In celebration of Doodles Community, we are thrilled to host the

Joyful Paddle Playoff, bringing together the Doodles OG community for a fun-filled evening of friendly competition.

Join us at Padle Reserve Miami, located at the Miami Seaplane Base, 1000 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132, for an exciting paddle event featuring six teams of two players each. Teams will compete in thrilling 2v2 matches for ultimate bragging rights and fantastic prizes.

The event will take place on December 7th, 2024, from 7 PM to 9:30 PM, with three courts reserved, each accommodating up to four participants at a time. We'll provide light snacks, but please note that drinks are not included.

Don't miss out on this unique celebration. Limited space available, so reserve your spot today!

Event Location:


Venue Description:

Reserve Padel is a premier members-only padel club with locations in Miami Design District and Hudson Yards. The Miami Seaplane Base venue at 1000 MacArthur Causeway features state-of-the-art facilities for padel enthusiasts, offering a vibrant community, professional-grade courts, and exclusive events. The club provides a sophisticated environment for both competitive and recreational play, ensuring an exceptional experience for its members.

Event Schedule:

December 7th, 2024 7:00 PM: Registration 7:30 PM: Start Paddle Tournament 9:00 PM: Networking, Snacks and Awards Reception 9:30 PM: Event Ends


Registration Process:

We will use Luma and ask for the Doodle OG Numbers for attending.

Expected Registrants:

We will have 80 in total with 36 OG Doodle Players +1 72 Attendes 8 Extras

Detailed Budget:

Venue (Just Court For Players) 1000 Venue (Place to Network) 3000 Drinks 3000 Food 3000 Insurance 300 Stand Banner 50 Back Banner 300 Video 700 Uber 250 Merchandise giveaways 1000 Prizes 3200 ($108 for Custom Doodles Racket) Total 15800


Marketing Plan:

Marketing Plan for the Joyful Paddle Playoff Before the Event Social Media Campaign: Create event pages on Luma and promote it on Instagram, and Twitter. Share teaser posts, countdowns, and behind-the-scenes content. Use hashtags like #JoyfulPaddlePlayoff and #DoodlesDay. Email Marketing: Send out invitations to the Doodles OG community and past event attendees. Share event details, schedule, and registration information. Discord Promotions: Promote the event for holders around Art Basel During the Event Live Social Media Coverage: Post live updates, stories, and highlights on social media platforms. Use a dedicated hashtag for real-time engagement. Photography and Videography: Hire a professional photographer/videographer to capture key moments. Share these visuals on social media and with participants post-event. Engagement Activities: Set up a photo booth with event branding. Organize interactive games and challenges for spectators. Merchandise: Sell or give away branded merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and water bottles. After the Event Post-Event Recap: Share a summary of the event, including photos and videos, on social media. Thank participants, sponsors, and partners for their involvement. Highlight Reel: Create and share a highlight reel video showcasing the best moments from the event.


Nothing final, we plan to work with a Doodles community artists in advance so costs would be used to support local artists in the community.

Content Capture:

We plan to hire a video crew for the whole event.



Third party insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Padel Reserve

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