February 7, 2024


  • Member Introductions πŸ‘‹
  • Account/Tool Access ✍️
  • Update from the Chair πŸͺ‘
  • Proposal Feedback/Relaunching the Inkubator πŸš€
  • RFP Updates πŸ“ˆ
  • Other Business ❓

Member Introductions πŸ‘‹

The council and watch were given the opportunity to meet for the first time, as well as to create goals and objectives for the term.

Account/Tool Access ✍️

Mushy outlined the various tools expected to be utilized by both the council and watch throughout their terms in their respective roles.

Notion will be frequently employed by both Atown and Mushy for creating RFP templates, aiming to streamline and simplify the process for future RFPs.

Tally will be utilized by all council members to conduct surveys on the current community sentiment, demonstrating to holders that the council and watch are taking proactive steps rather than waiting for community issues to escalate.

Furthermore, all members will be granted access to the Doodles Community Council email. However, members will not have direct login capabilities and will instead use existing emails that have been granted access. The rationale behind providing all members with access is to enhance transparency and workflow within the council.

Update from the Chair πŸͺ‘

This week, 82 attended a meeting with Austin, which primarily focused on onboarding new members.

Significant communication efforts between the chair, Doodles LLC, and the community council were dedicated to integrating new members effectively, generating tangible results with data to underscore its success, and ensuring that community members find it challenging to even consider leaving.

Additionally, this update covered the expected responsibilities and goals of the watch, as well as exploring new methods for utilizing and leveraging the watch.

Proposal Feedback/Relaunching the Inkubator πŸš€

The proposal submission form received unanimous approval from all members, highlighting the enhancement in its approachability through modifications to the phrasing around the proposal process.

RFP Updates πŸ“ˆ

During a discussion led by Atown, council members explored "So You Bought a...," an onboarding process developed by Moonbirds to serve as a centralized touchpoint, enabling new holders to quickly understand their ecosystem. The discussion then shifted to how a similar concept could be adapted for Doodles, including further onboarding methods and ways for holders to immediately access information about Doodles.

In this context, Youngsun raised the idea of creating an events hub that could be integrated into a Doodles version of "So You Bought a...". This hub would provide the necessary resources for organizing an event, including contacts for previous hosts, reference pages, and more. Additionally, the possibility of using POAP technology to allow holders to create digital proofs of attendance for events they host was discussed.

Other business❓

This included the establishment of the first community space as well as detailing the ROS provided by pawky.