Learn More: Community Event Grants

Learn More: Community Event Grants

Inkubator by Doodles Presents Inkubator Community Events!

Inkubator Community Events offer OG Holders the ability to organize, host, and attend smaller-scale meetups, events, and activations.

In their review of proposals for Inkubator Community Events, the

is dedicated to supporting innovative and engaging events that unite and inspire the Doodles community.

Here you will find additional information about what the Doodles Community Council is looking for, best practices for proposal submission and an overview of the approval processes.

What We're Looking For

Proposals for Inkubator Community Events must fall into one of four categories:

  1. Community Meetups
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Cross-Community Events
  4. Digital Events

Before submitting a proposal for an Inkubator Community Event, please consider whether your event will further Doodles’ top goals for these events, as follows:

  1. Foster community connection. Inkubator Community Events should create opportunities, big and small, for Doodles’ OG Holders from around the world to connect. The ultimate goal is to unlock the power of the Doodles community on a global level.
  2. Create unique and memorable experiences. Inkubator Community Event proposals should include details about a unique or exclusive OG Holder experience and explain how the proposed Inkubator Community Event will have a lasting impact on the Doodles community long after it's over.
  3. Expand diversity and inclusivity. Every Inkubator Community Event will be unique, but it’s important to consider whether your Inkubator Community Event will cater to the diverse interests, preferences, and geographic locations of Doodles’ OG Holders and expand the Doodles brand.

How It Works

  1. Application Submission: Submit your proposal for an Inkubator Community Event, providing all required information and materials.
  2. Review Process: The Doodles Community Council will review your proposal, typically within two business days of your submission.
  3. Grant Approval: If your proposal is approved, then you will be contacted and provided with the required Grant Agreement for review and signature.
  4. Agreements and Funding: Following execution of any required agreements and submission of any required materials, the Community Event Grant will be remitted to you.
  5. Reporting Schedule: Upon receiving the Community Event Grant, you are required to create and comply with a reporting schedule, in coordination with the Events Lead.
  6. Event: Your Inkubator Community Event must take place as and when specified in your Event Grant Agreement.
  7. Post-Event Report: You will be required to assess the results of the event, gather data, and prepare a comprehensive report which may be in a form provided by the Inkubator.

Submit Your Proposal!

Ready to bring your community event to life? Submit your proposal!

Community Event Grants FAQ

Do I need to be an OG Holder to host an Inkubator Community Event?

Yes, the individual submitting the proposal must be an OG Holder.

Is there a minimum OG Holder attendee requirement for Inkubator Community Meetups?

A minimum of 10 OG Holders must RSVP yes or otherwise confirm their planned attendance to the Inkubator Community Meetup.

How do I know how much money to request for my Inkubator Community Event?

As a requirement for your Inkubator Community Event, you must substantiate the amount of funds you’re requesting with a proposed budget for the Inkubator Community Event. Please note that any payments to yourself, other OG Holders or either’s businesses or family members should be at market rate for the applicable services to be provided such that the terms are commensurate with an arm’s length transaction.

Do I need to have event planning experience to host an Inkubator Community Event?
  • Inkubator Community Meetups - Prior event planning experience is not required to host an Inkubator Community Meetup.
  • Inkubator Cross-Community Events - Prior event planning experience is required to host an Inkubator Cross-Community Event.
  • Inkubator Sponsorships - Prior event planning experience is preferred for those submitting proposals for Inkubator Sponsorships.
  • Inkubator Digital Events - Prior event planning experience is not required to host an Inkubator Digital Event.

For all Inkubator Community Event proposals, the Doodles Community Council will be looking for a demonstrated understanding of event planning and execution, relative to the proposed Inkubator Community Event scope and funding requested.