Learn More: Experiment Grants

Learn More: Experiment Grants

Inkubator by Doodles Presents Inkubator Experiments!

Inkubator Experiments offer OG Holders with the ability to test innovative products and services that aim to enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand.

In their review of proposals for Inkubator Experiments, the Doodles Community CouncilDoodles Community Council is dedicated to supporting innovative and engaging experiments that align with these goals.

Here you will find additional information about what the Doodles Community Council is looking for, best practices for proposal submission and an overview of the approval processes.

What We're Looking For

  • Core Goal: The proposal should have a goal that, if achieved, would enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand.
  • Clear Value Proposition: The experiment should have a distinct value proposition that sets it apart and demonstrates its potential impact.
  • Scalability, Sustainability, and Replicability: If successful, the experiment outlined in the proposal should be scalable and sustainable, allowing for replication to create ongoing value.
  • Enrich the Doodles Community: The proposal should detail in what ways the experiment enriches the Doodles community.
  • Exposure to New Audiences: The experiment outlined in the proposal should clearly lay out how it will expose the Doodles brand to new audiences.
  • Revenue Potential: The proposal should clearly address whether the experiment has the potential to generate revenue.

How It Works

  1. Application Submission: Submit your proposal for the experiment, outlining the core hypothesis, value proposition, and expected outcomes.
  2. Review Process: The Doodles Community Council will review your proposal, evaluating it based on the criteria mentioned above.
  3. Grant Approval: If your proposal is approved, then you will be contacted and invited to enter into Doodles’ Experiment Grant Agreement and any other required documentation which may include the Doodles License Agreement.
  4. Agreements and Funding: Following execution of any required agreements and acceptance of applicable terms, if any, you will receive an Experiment Grant.
  5. Experiment Implementation: You will then have a set period to conduct the experiment, following the proposed plan and methodology to validate the core hypothesis.
  6. Reporting Schedule: Upon receiving the Experiment Grant, you are required to create and comply with a reporting schedule, in coordination with the Experiments Lead.
  7. Post-Experiment Report: You will be required to assess the results of the experiment, gather data, and prepare a comprehensive report which may be in a form provided by the Inkubator.

Submit Your Proposal!

Ready to bring your experiment to life? Submit your proposal!

Experiment Grants FAQ

How can I ensure that my proposal aligns with the Doodles brand's go-to-market strategy?

Doodles’ go-to-market strategy is currently focused on spreading joy to millions of people currently outside of the Web3 ecosystem.

What kind of experiments are eligible for Experiment Grant funding?

We welcome a wide range of experiments that test innovative ideas, such as new marketing approaches, product enhancements, strategic partnerships, or technological advancements that align with the brand's goals.

Can I submit a proposal that targets a specific segment or audience within the Doodles community?

Yes, proposals targeting specific segments or audiences within the Doodles community are encouraged, as long as they contribute to enriching the community and expanding the Doodles brand.

How can I demonstrate the scalability and replicability of my proposed experiment?

Clearly outline the potential for scaling and replicating your experiment in the proposal, including considerations for resources, infrastructure, and the ability to adapt it to different contexts.

Can I collaborate with external parties or organizations for my experiment?

Collaboration with external parties is allowed and can bring valuable expertise and resources to the experiment, however, please outline how you will collaborate in your proposal and ensure that the collaboration aligns with the Doodles’ stated values and goals.

Are there any limits on the amount someone can seek for an Experiment Grant?

There is no set cap on the amount an OG Holder may seek for an Experiment Grant. The amount requested will be evaluated in the context of the potential the experiment has, if successful, to enrich the community and expand the Doodles brand.

The amount you ask for the experiment should be commensurate with your spending plan, which itself should be limited to proving your hypothesis in the most efficient and straightforward way possible.

How will the success of the experiment be evaluated?

Success will be evaluated based on the extent to which the core hypothesis is proven, the impact on the brand's go-to-market strategy, the feedback from the Doodles community, and the potential for scalability and long-term value.

What happens if my experiment fails to produce the intended results?

Failure is a natural part of experimentation. Even if your experiment does not achieve the desired results, the learnings and insights gained can still contribute to the overall growth of the Doodles brand and inform the Doodles Community Council’s evaluation of future proposals.

Can I apply for more than one Experiment Grant, each for different experiment proposals?

Yes, each proposal will be evaluated based on its own merit and alignment with the Experiment Grant criteria. Proposals will be evaluated in order of when they are received.

Can I receive feedback or guidance from the Doodles Community Council on my experiment proposal before submitting it?

While we do not provide pre-submission feedback, we encourage you to seek guidance from the Doodles Community Council or engage with the Doodles community to refine your proposal and gather insights from fellow OG Holders.

Your proposal will also appear in Doodles’ #proposals Discord channel, with a thread enabling you to discuss your proposal and collect feedback from the Doodles community.