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Project Lead
Lief Magnus
Date or Duration
Proposal Name
The Club League Founders Tournament
In Review
May 15, 2024 2:27 PM


Submitted By:

Lief Magnus






Joe Dimeck/GoodToGoJoe- Club League Founder and event organizer. Over 20 years of event curation and execution, with recent focus on recreational networking.

Josh Bricker/Lief - Golf Industry Expert, 15 years of Sales/Marketing experience with Fortune 100 companies.

Danny DeRoo/Blurry Lurkin- Procurement by day and Internet Explorer by Night and day. Casual golfer with a passion for doing things outdoors. I've personally ran 3 side events for the CAMP opening in Chicago and am excited to be a part of a team with a drive to pull off a killer golf event adjacent to VeeCon.

Dougie DeGolf - The Founder and President of DeGolf, with over a decade of experience in event planning and merchandise design.

Cal Dorohoy - Director of Tech, Community & Partnerships at VaynerSports focusing on identifying new business opportunities and executing on the most promising ones for customer growth & satisfaction, applying both creative and analytical lenses.


Name of Event:

The Club League Founders Tournament

Event Date:


Event Type:

Cross-Community Event (host in-person get-togethers or activities with other communities)

Event One-Liner:

A casually competitive championship for social clubs.

Event Cost:



Event Description:

The Founders Tournament is a casually competitive golf tournament for the Founding Clubs of The Club League.

The event helps connect professionals from various industries through a recreational networking experience.

Event Location:

Pasadena, CA

Venue Description:

Brookside Golf Course

Event Schedule:

Provide the planned schedule for the day of the event.

August 8th - 9am to 2pm 9am: Golf Tournament 12:30pm: Post Tournament Meal and Cocktail/Awards Reception


Registration Process:

Will use Posh. Vip for event page and ticketing/sign up.

Club Teams can consist of 4-8 players.

Scramble format.

Expected Registrants:

Attendance Details 40-72 participants

Detailed Budget:

Will share with Youngsun


Marketing Plan:

Direct outreach to communities via Brand collaborations.

Podcasts and Social Media promotional campaigns.

Direct outreach to various Group Chats and networks of Founding Clubs.


Nothing confirmed, but once primary costs are covered additional revenue would be used to enhance event and provide more value to event attendees.

Content Capture:

Funding dependent, we would like to hire a video crew to document the event while also having content challenges for attendees to participate in to produce content from the perspectives of attendees.



Third party insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Third party via venue.

Extra Details:

The Club League aims to exist within the Recreational Networking niche, providing structured competitive formats for different social clubs from unique industries. The goal is to connect folks across industries via recreation with the objective of inspiring cross-industry collaboration, and innovation as a result of that.

The plan is to have 4-8 Founding Clubs for the initial season in 2025, and to launch via Founders Tournament in August 2024.

Current confirmed Founding Clubs:

Doodles, Vayner Sports, DeGolf, Bored Golf, Cannabis League Team.