Proposal Type
Project Lead


Date or Duration

Ongoing, published quarterly or at minimum, twice a year.

Proposal Name

The Doodle Zine

May 21, 2024 1:59 PM
Result: This proposal has been rejected. Next steps: Atown has worked with Patrick and their team on a resubmission of this proposal (INK-98).


Submitted By:







CSIXTY/Patrick - Design, Production, Editor in Chief. I've worked on many print & editorial projects as a designer. My skills/work will translate well to both a digital & physical production.

Roles to be filled:

Writers/Editors Artists Developer UI/UX Designer

My hope is that by submitting this proposal, I can rally some Doods around this idea. I really want this to be a collaborative project that highlights what's happening in the community and showcase members talents/skills.


Name of Experiment:

The Doodle Zine

Experiment Duration:

Ongoing, published quarterly or at minimum, twice a year.

Experiment Type:

Digital Products (e.g. online courses, art, etc.)

Experiment One-Liner:

A magazine for all things Doodles.

Experiment Cost:



Experiment Description:

A "doodle magazine," published quarterly, highly collectible/limited, with a digital version for all to consume. One format for distribution could be a digital claim for holders that enters them into a raffle for 1 of 100 physical editions.

Content Ideas:

Artists feature - spotlight community artists

Community feature - highlight a notable community member

Top Sales - OG, Wearables

Project Releases/ Events - 2G G-shock & Alien Vinyl, Project Grey NY

Feel Good - Highlight how excellent this community is. A few months back a holder lost their dood to a scam & the community gifted them a replacement. Opportunity to emphasis the importance of security.

Stoodio Updates/Check-in w the Studio Team

I'm also open to ideas from the community & team.

Experiment Success:

Post launch, success would be measured by how man holders claimed a copy. Pre-launch, I'd measure it by how many community members expressed interest on contributing/working on the project.

Experiment Product:

This would be a little bit digital, a little bit physical.

Product Distribution:

I'd like to work with a developer to build a custom claim page, branded in a "Doodle Zine" style.


OG Holder Participation:

Looking for holders to contribute artwork, writing, dev work, design work, and really any ideas they that might interest fans of Doodles IP.


Access to event photos from the team would be great v scrapping from socials. Token gating would be part of the digital claim.


If the claim is for holders, I'd like to offer it for free. I think this would be well received by the community but would not generate revenue. If we opened the claim up for non-holders, we could charge for those claims. If there was demand for the physical, we could release a less exclusive, B&W, common version at a cost & make the giveaway version color & numbered.


I think the potential for self sustainability would be through advertising & non-holder claims. We'd have to make it available to a larger audience besides holders to make it attractive for advertisers, but once the framework for content and production is built, costs would come down for future issues and allow ad revenue & non-holder claims to cover costs.

Future Inkubation:

If this was successful, it could become the official publication for all things Doodles. We'd need a team to develop & write content, a designer to layout all content, and salespeople to market our publication to advertisers. We could roll out subscription pricing where the issues are airdropped & don't need to be claimed.

Detailed Budget:

Dev Work - $1500 Zine Layout Design Work - $4000 Brand/Visual Identity Zine Kit - $2000 UX/UI Design - $1500 Printing - $1000 Cover artist commission - $1000 Interview questions & transcriptions - $500 Writers/Editors - $2000

These are rough costs and will become more refined as we're clear on what's being delivered. More physicals, more cost. More content, more layout work. Dev & artist commission cost could be off, but including the categories since I'm considering those things will be part of this project.


Marketing Plan:

I expect the community would be the main source of marketing. Before it's implemented, I'd do a call for entires for content ideas as well as solicit for skillsets relevant to producing a magazine (interviewing, writing, design, art, dev, etc). During I would tease some of the exclusive content and the opportunity to collect a limited physical edition. After, I'd start asking for content ideas for the upcoming issue (who should we talk to? who should we feature?). This marketing would be done on social channels by key community members and those featured in our issues. (Including the flat cover comp here.)


One idea would be to have a redeemable wearable as part of the limited physical version.



Own insurance.

Third Party Insurance:

Extra Details:

Including a sample editorial here for the 2G G-Shock + Alien Vinyl release.