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April 7, 2024 11:59 PM (EDT)
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This Request for Proposals (RFP) is actively seeking skilled designers with a flair for crafting intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface designs. The project at hand involves the creation of a social media banner and avatar builder, along with a comprehensive suite of assets to enrich this tool, specifically tailored for Doodles OG holders. This initiative allows them to creatively utilize their exclusive Doodle IP in conjunction with the overarching Doodles branding for their personal social media platforms, enhancing their digital presence with a unique touch.

It is crucial for participants of this RFP to understand that the scope is meticulously focused on the initial stages of user experience research, interface design, copywriting, and asset creation. This foundational phase is essential, as it sets the groundwork for the subsequent development of the web application. Upon the successful completion of this phase, characterized by the delivery of finalized wireframes, mockups, and approved copy, we will launch a secondary RFP. This next step is aimed at the technical realization and development of the web application, based on the designs and specifications established in this initial RFP.

Our commitment to a design-first approach is deliberate. We believe that by prioritizing the design elements — from user experience research to interface design and content creation — we can achieve clarity and precision in the project's requirements. This clarity is invaluable, ensuring that the development team has a detailed and unambiguous blueprint to follow. Such an approach not only streamlines the development process but also significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving a product that meets or exceeds our community's expectations.

In summary, this RFP represents the first phase of a larger project, focusing on design and content creation. Its completion will pave the way for the technical development phase, with a separate RFP to follow. We are looking for designers who are not only talented but also passionate about contributing to the Doodles community, helping to forge a tool that will allow NFT holders to express their unique identities across social media platforms with ease and creativity.


The project will deliver designs for the interface of a web-based interface enabling Doodles NFT holders to create personalized social media banners and avatars.

This interface will include:

  • A selection of customizable templates.
  • A bundle of assets for various social media platforms, designed in multiple resolutions.
  • Tools for integrating Doodles NFT-specific elements with general branding assets.
  • Features for easy exporting of final designs to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Scope of Work

The selected vendor will be required to provide the following deliverables:

Interface Mockup

A detailed and interactive mockup of the social media banner and avatar builder delivered via Figma or a comparable design tool. The mockup should be organized into frames and pages that clearly represent the user interface and flow.

Asset Bundle

A comprehensive set of digital assets, including but not limited to backgrounds, icons, stickers, and accessories, delivered in a well-organized cloud storage folder or as a zip file.

Each asset should be clearly labeled and sorted into folders based on the type of asset, the social network it is intended for, and the resolution it is optimized for (e.g., Twitter/Header/1500x500, Instagram/Profile/1080x1080).

The assets should be provided in ready-to-use formats appropriate for each platform (e.g., PNG, SVG).

Required Supported Social Networks and Respective Dimension


  • Profile Picture (Avatar): 400 x 400.
  • Cover Photo (Banner): 1500 x 500.


  • Profile Picture (Avatar): 200 x 200 (recommended).


  • Profile Picture (Avatar): 400 x 400 (minimum).
  • Personal Profile Cover Photo (Banner): 1584 x 396.


  • Profile Picture (Avatar): 110 x 110 (displayed as a circle).


  • Channel Profile Picture (Avatar): 800 x 800 (displays as a circle).
  • Channel Cover Photo (Banner): 2560 x 1440 (with a safe area of 1546 x 423 pixels centered on the web).

Desktop Wallpaper Resolutions

Must Have:

  1. 1920x1080 (Full HD, 1080p): This is the most common desktop resolution, widely used across many monitors and laptop screens.
  2. 2560x1440 (QHD, 1440p): Popular among higher-end monitors, providing sharper images for users with newer screens.

Nice To Have:

  1. 3840x2160 (4K, UHD): For users with ultra-high-definition monitors, ensuring your wallpapers look crisp at this resolution is important.
  2. 2560x1080 & 3440x1440 (Ultrawide): Ultrawide monitors are becoming more popular, and these resolutions cater to that market.

Mobile Wallpaper Resolutions

Must Have:

  1. 1080x1920 (FHD): Common for many modern smartphones, ensuring good quality on most devices.
  2. 1440x2560 (QHD): Used in higher-end smartphones, offering very sharp images.

Nice To Have:

  1. 750x1334 (iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6): These models are still widely used, making this resolution relevant.
  2. 1125x2436 (iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro): Represents the newer generation iPhones with notches.
  3. 828x1792 (iPhone XR, iPhone 11): Catering to the Liquid Retina display models.


  • Aspect Ratios: Besides specific resolutions, consider common aspect ratios like 16:9 for most desktops and 18:9 (or 19.5:9) for modern smartphones, allowing you to scale wallpapers appropriately.
  • Orientation: Offer both portrait and landscape orientations to accommodate different devices and preferences.
  • High-DPI Displays: Consider supporting high-DPI (Retina) resolutions by providing 2x or even 3x scaled versions of your wallpapers for devices that support higher pixel densities.


Asset Bundle Punch List

  • 10 Backgrounds sized for banner and avatar dimensions for each required social network
  • 5 Frames / Overlays for Avatars for each required social network
  • 10 Accessories / Objects / Fun Items with transparent backgrounds

Asset Documentation:

A document outlining the use case for each asset, including guidelines for resolutions, dimensions, and suggested usage on specific social media platforms.

Style Guide:

A style guide for the design of the interface, detailing the color palette, typography, and UI components used.

Version Control:

If using Figma or similar, ensure that the file’s version history is intact and accessible, allowing for the review of iterations and changes made during the design process.

Final Delivery Package:

All deliverables should be compiled into a final delivery package that includes the Figma file link or equivalent, cloud storage or zip file link for the assets, and any accompanying documentation. This package must be submitted in accordance with the project timeline and will be subject to the approval process as outlined in the Evaluation Criteria section.


The interface and assets should adhere to the following:

  • Interface Usability: The design must be accessible and straightforward, allowing users of varying technical skills to create custom graphics.
  • Asset Design: A suite of assets including backgrounds, icons, stickers, and accessories. These should be consistent with Doodles branding but not infringe on trademarks or imply official endorsement.
  • Resolutions and Formats: Assets must be optimized for the most popular social media platforms, considering their specific format and resolution requirements.
  • Brand Compliance: All designs must comply with Doodles brand guidelines and IP usage policies, ensuring assets are suitable for non-commercial, personal use by NFT holders.

Proposal Requirements

Respondents must submit:

  • Work Scope: A comprehensive plan detailing the approach for both interface and asset design.
  • Defined Deliverables: A comprehensive list of expected assets including quantities of each asset type by social media platform / resolution. We acknowledge that certain assets like icons or stickers can be leveraged across various platforms and components but items like backgrounds and frames should be designed specific for each social platforms recommended dimensions for backgrounds and avatars
  • Technology and Tools: Justification for the chosen design tools and software.
  • Pricing Model: Breakdown of costs, highlighting any licensing or service fees. Preference for cost-effective solutions is emphasized.
  • Timeline: Projected timeline with milestones from concept to delivery.
  • Previous Work: Examples of similar interfaces or asset designs.
  • Cross-Platform Design: Strategy for ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.


Initial UX Design RFP Budget

For the initial phase of our project, focused on UX research and design, we have allocated a budget of $5,000. We recognize that this amount may seem modest compared to the prevailing market rates for such comprehensive and specialized work. However, our aim in proposing this budget is not to underestimate the value of professional UX design but to appeal to those within our community who are looking for opportunities to contribute beyond monetary gain. We are seeking partners who are passionate about leveraging their skills to give back to the community, enhance the collective experience, and gain recognition for their expertise.

Follow-On Development RFP Budget

Looking ahead to the next phase, which involves the development of the web application based on the completed UX design. Similar to the design phase, this budget will be positioned on the lower end of the spectrum in comparison to what such development efforts might command in an open market. Our rationale remains consistent: we aspire to engage community members who are motivated by a sense of contribution and the opportunity to showcase their talents within a collaborative environment.

Beyond Financial Rewards

The structured budgets for both the UX design and development phases of our project reflect a strategic choice to foster community involvement and commitment. We understand that financial compensation is an important consideration, but we are hopeful that the intrinsic rewards of contributing to a project of this nature will resonate with potential contributors. This approach allows us to not only manage project costs effectively but also to cultivate a team that is genuinely invested in the success and growth of our community.

By participating in these RFPs, contributors will gain valuable exposure and the chance to highlight their skills and creativity to a wide audience. It's an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, be recognized for your contributions, and potentially open doors to future collaborations and opportunities within and beyond our community.

In conclusion, while our budgets may reflect a cautious financial approach, our overarching goal is to build a project that is rooted in community engagement, collaboration, and the shared success of all involved parties. We believe that through this project, we can collectively achieve something truly remarkable for our community.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Understanding of Requirements: How well the proposal addresses the project's specifics.
  • Design Expertise: Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality, engaging design work.
  • Innovation: Originality in the proposed design and features.
  • Value for Money: Cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution.
  • Support Quality: Availability and comprehensiveness of post-deployment support.
  • Delivery Track Record: History of on-time project completion.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Proposals must be submitted on Tally.
  2. Proposing team must hold at least one (1) digital collectible from the Doodles Original Collection.


  • Proposal Submission Deadline: 11:59 PM ET on April 7th, 2024
  • Evaluation Period: April 8, 2024 to April 11, 2024
  • Notification of Selection: April 12th, 2024

Terms and Conditions

  • Doodles reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal at its discretion.
  • The submission of a proposal does not guarantee selection.
  • All discussions and agreements will be subject to signing a formal contract that outlines terms, conditions, and obligations.

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We invite innovative designers to partner in creating a platform that empowers Doodles NFT holders to express their individuality on social media. We eagerly await proposals that showcase a blend of creativity and technical prowess to bring this project to life.