Artist in Residence Program (Full-Time Contractor)

Application Deadline
July 27, 2023 5:00 PM (PDT)
Available Grant

$8,000 USD per month

Bounty Lead(s)
Ingi Erlingsson

The Inkubator invites OG Holders to submit proposals for the creation of engaging art pieces in the style of the Doodles brand. This project entails the creation of exclusive art and its integration with our community through various initiatives. Interested OG Holders should have proven experience in art development, animation, community engagement, and some knowledge in tech and AI-related tasks.

Proposal Guidelines

This RFP represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until 5 PM PST, July 27, 2023.

Scope of Work

1. Develop art that engages the Doodles community - examples include Doodles coffee mugs and AI anime remixes.

2. Create exclusive art to be posted on the official Doodles social media channels. This could be either animated or still and it might feature Doodles characters.

3. Interact with the Doodles community and create art based on ideas generated from those interactions.

4. GIF creation.

5. Assist with Doodles R&D experiments, including but not limited to AI, VR/AR and realtime tech.

Qualification Requirements

1. Proven experience in creating engaging art and animation.

2. Ability to interact and engage with an online community.

3. Technical knowledge and experience in AI and tech-related tasks are a plus.

4. Experience or willingness to participate in R&D experiments.

Material Terms of Artist Engagement

Engagement: Selected artist(s) will be engaged by Doodles, LLC as independent contractors for a 2-month engagement. The results and proceeds of the artist’s work will be created for Doodles, LLC on a work-for-hire basis such that all work product, including concepts, drafts and final deliverables are owned by Doodles, LLC.

Fee & Payment: Subject to compliance with the terms of their agreement, selected artist(s) will be paid a monthly fee, the amount TBD. Payments will be made by the Inkubator monthly, in arrears, in United States Dollars, subject to the Inkubator’s receipt of a satisfactory invoice from the selected artist(s).

Credit: At their election, selected artist(s) will be entitled to receive credit in the form of: (a) tagging when their work is posted on the official Doodles’ Twitter account and any other official Doodles’ social media channels that Doodles may showcase the selected artists’ work on which platform the selected artist(s) has an account; and (b) an introduction feature post on Doodles’ official Twitter account utilizing a short bio and image of the selected artist (or their PFP) which has been approved by the selected artist(s).

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

1. Quality of previous work samples.

2. Understanding of Doodles' community and Doodles’ brand’s aesthetic.

3. Proven ability to interact with and engage an online community.

4. Technical and AI-related capabilities.

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